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Supplements for reduction. Faster fat loss

Supplements are substances that provide your body with additional substances it may need during periods of increased physical activity or a caloric deficit. The second case occurs for example during a reduction diet – when we want to get rid of fat tissue, supplements can help us increase muscle mass. It is possible only with a combination of the right diet and an individually designed training plan. Supplements support the entire process and at the same time help you keep your body in good condition. What supplement should you take if your goal is to reduce and lose body fat?

Fat burners – thermogenic

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People who are on a weight reduction diet more and more often think about thermogenic. They are commonly known as fat burners – this name suggests that they are supposed to accelerate the entire process of fat loss. Thermogenics increase the thermogenesis of your body. Their goal is also to suppress the appetite and replenish the energy that the body needs during training, but also during the day in the time of increased effort. Thermogenics affect the sympathetic nervous system. It is responsible for the heartbeat, the breathing process, the speed of digestion, but also sweating. These are supplements that stimulate the human nervous system. They cause a reaction similar to the one in stressful situations. As a result, your body begins to release more adrenaline and norepinephrine. These are substances that affect the accelerated metabolism and increase body temperature. As a consequence, the fat burning process is faster and more effective. Among thermogenic we can find for example such natural substances as green tea extract and caffeine.

Protein supplement for people with an increased demand for proteins

When we hear about protein supplements, we tend to immediately think of the process of building mass, not of weight reduction. Protein is the most important building block of our muscles, which is why we need it to achieve a better body structure. However, we must be aware that the demand for protein increases together with the intensity of exercise. When our workouts are more frequent and more demanding, we need to provide our bodies with more protein. For endurance sports, 1.2-1.4 g of protein per kg of bodyweight should be consumed, and for strength training – 1.8-2 g per kg of body weight. According to some scientific studies, the need for proteins may be even greater when we work on reducing body fat. By consuming them in the right amount, we increase the chance of losing fat – it is then replaced by muscle tissue, which results in a slimmer body build. The results of our training and diet can be noticed much faster. Remember that fat reduction does not always mean a significant weight loss, as muscles are heavier than fat, but they make the figure slimmer and more attractive.

Creatine – to support the body on a negative caloric balanced diet

This is another supplement that we associate with people who building mass. However, creatine is designed to support your body during periods of intense training. The body is then weakened and, without an additional source of energy, it is not able to function properly. In addition, the regeneration process is difficult and takes more time. You will not have enough strength and energy to maintain frequent workouts. Creatine is a source of energy that helps fight such weakness caused by a negative caloric balance. Creatine stimulates the renewal of ATP molecules, which are energy carriers in the human body. Its proper supply results in increased exercise capacity. As a consequence, your body regenerates faster, you have more strength and energy, and the efficiency of your workouts improves.

Caffeine – to motivate you to exercise

The influence of caffeine on the human body with increased physical activity has been often discussed lately. Scientists analyzed the idea of coffee consumption by athletes and its positive support for the entire training process. Caffeine inhibits the action of adenosine receptors and the mobilization of calcium ions inside cells – and these two processes are a signal of cell fatigue that makes you feel worse. Caffeine has a significant effect on the human nervous system. It stimulates us, provides us with energy, supports thought processes and motivates us to act. It also delays fatigue, so we can exercise longer and more intensively. It is also important for the effectiveness of resistance training, increasing your strength and general exercise capacity. Caffeine stimulates us to work and accelerates the processes of fat burning. It is found in natural products – in coffee, of course, but also in tea and cocoa, i.e. chocolate. Athletes and sportsmen often decide to take it in capsules as a supplement.

Vitamins – to supplement deficiencies

A weight reduction diet results in a caloric deficit – it means that we eat less and thus provide our body with an insufficient amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It may cause health problems and negatively affect the functioning of our bodies. People on reduction should therefore support themselves with an appropriate vitamin complex. They need vitamins A and E, i.e. strong antioxidants that protect the body against the destructive effects of free radicals. The process of regeneration of connective tissue, which builds tendons and joints, is greatly influenced by vitamin C, known primarily as the immunity vitamin. During periods of intense training, the body has also a greater need for omega-3 fatty acids. They support the process of fat loss by inhibiting the gene responsible for its deposition. Besides, the increased supply of omega-3 fatty acids supports the suppression of appetite.

The process of reducing body fat cannot be rapid. It is possible to accelerate it, but we need to make sure that we don’t go beyond the point where it is safe for our health and body. Appropriate supplements can help you with a caloric deficit, increased physical intensity, nutrient deficiencies, especially during periods of intense workouts. Looking for recommended supplements with the above-mentioned substances and effects, you should definitely take a look at:


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