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Yerba mate – stimulating effect to support training

Yerba mate is distinguished by several properties, which make it appreciated practically worldwide. It helps cleanse the body, facilitates weight loss, strengthens and stimulates at the same time. What exactly is yerba mate, how to prepare it and what properties does it has?

What is yerba mate?

Yerba is an infusion made from the leaves of the Paraguayan holly plant. This plant is called an evergreen tree that can reach an impressive height of 30 meters in its wild state. The plant is found in a relatively small area between the Atlantic Ocean and the Paraguay River. Its requirements are so specific that any attempts to start artificial cultivation in any other part of the world fail.

Yerba is grown in three countries – Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Therefore, four types of this brew can be identified:

Paraguayan – distinguished by its intense, smoky aroma. It has a much stronger effect than the other varieties but also has the most intense taste, which is not suitable for everyone;
Argentine – one of the best choices for those who start their adventure with yerba mate. Despite its slightly bitter taste, Argentinian yerba is milder than other varieties;
Uruguayan – interestingly enough, this variety of yerba mate is not grown at all in Uruguay as it is located where the Paraguayan holly does not want to grow. However, it is such a popular brew in Uruguay that a select variety has been created for the inhabitants of this country. The leaves for Uruguayan yerba are aged for a long time and finely chopped;
Brazilian – this is the only variety of yerba mate that is slightly sweet. The leaves are not aged long, so they are distinguished by their green colour and intense aroma.

The choice of the yerba mate variety should be based primarily on taste preferences. Although there are slight differences in the content of beneficial nutrients in different types of yerba mate, they are not so significant that any of its types are particularly recommended because of their composition.

Properties of yerba mate

Yerba mate contains more than 150 trace elements, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. As a result, it enjoys growing popularity in South American countries and other continents. Thanks to its stimulating properties, it is an excellent alternative to coffee.

Among the favourable properties of yerba mate, it is certainly worth mentioning:

-reduction of appetite,
-stimulating effect,
-a rich source of microelements, which are essential for the proper functioning of the human body,
-reducing the risk of various heart diseases,
-improved concentration,
-lowering the level of cholesterol in the body,
-a positive effect on libido, which will undoubtedly improve the quality of sex life,
-improved functioning of the immune system.
-By replacing coffee with yerba mate, we can ensure a supply of health-promoting nutrients and several beneficial properties.

Yerba mate for sportspeople?

Due to the properties mentioned above, yerba mate is an excellent solution for physically active people. The infusion provides many substances that athletes more require. Due to its intense body stimulation, it works as a natural and effective pre-trainer. They were drinking it several minutes before a workout has a positive effect on the functioning of the circulatory and respiratory systems. This specific optimisation increases workout effectiveness. In addition, yerba mate has specific diuretic and metabolism-boosting effects, which should be of particular interest to those aiming to reduce body weight and display a sculpted physique. Yerba also supports regeneration and removes fatigue.

How to prepare yerba mate?

In many South American countries, brewing and drinking yerba mate together is a kind of ritual. When it comes to making yerba mate, fortunately, it is not particularly complicated and can be done even by a person who is just beginning his adventure with this kind of drink.

There are no strict rules for making yerba mate. However, keeping in mind a few essential points, everyone can brew the leaves of the Paraguayan holly plant in a way that suits them. One of the most important rules that must not be broken when preparing yerba mate is the temperature of the water. Unlike traditional black tea, yerba mate is not brewed in boiling water. Ideally, the water temperature should be between 70 and 80 degrees, which means that it can be a good idea to buy a kettle with a thermometer to make it easier to prepare yerba mate.

The simplest possible way to prepare the infusion is to pour the dried plant into a container, shake it (so that the crushed leaves are mixed as well as possible) and pour in water at the optimum temperature. Then, a bombilla (a unique tube with a sieve, thanks to which we do not drink the crushed leaves) is put into the prepared mixture and… ready!

To drink yerba mate, you can buy a unique mug, but it is unnecessary. The brew can also be prepared in a regular, homemade mug or glass. The only necessary accessory without which you will not drink yerba mate is a bombilla.

How much caffeine is in yerba mate?

We have already said that the infusion made from the leaves of the Paraguayan holly contains enough caffeine to successfully replace coffee, which is famous for its stimulating properties.

But how much caffeine is in yerba mate exactly? Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. It all depends on the type of dried material used to prepare the drink and the method of brewing. Moreover, the discrepancy in the amount of caffeine is enormous, ranging from 70 milligrams per litre in the case of the weakest yerba up to a value more than five times higher – the most caffeine-rich yerba mate can contain up to 360 milligrams of this substance per litre of the brew.

When consumed regularly, yerba mate has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the body and facilitates training. In addition, thanks to its stimulating properties, regular exercise becomes more accessible and more efficient.



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