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Athletic build and running, is it possible?

Athletic build and running, is it possible?

Running is the favorite sport of many people. It is an activity that shapes the figure, but it cannot be said that it sculpts muscle mass. Athletic building requires the implementation of additional complementary exercises. They are essential for those who are predisposed to intensive weight loss. Of course, there are also situations when despite regular running, body fat is not reduced. It may seem that overweight does not occur in people who run regularly, but this is not true! It is impossible to get in shape without developing a training plan. It is worth knowing that strengthening your muscles translates into higher endurance, affecting your running efficiency.

The lower the weight, the better?

Some people think that a runner should keep their weight as low as possible. This is not true! People with a lower BMI are not more agile or faster, as confirmed by numerous scientific studies. The fact is that excess weight is also not welcome because it puts strain on the joints. For this reason, jogging is not a good option for those who are struggling with severe overweight or obesity. Joint connections can degrade very quickly – and there’s no denying the potential for injuries, the treatment of which often drags on for years.


Muscle mass training is the basis for running better and faster. It is important to note that a muscular physique is not required! It’s good to look at successful runners who can show off their muscles despite being small. Properly selected complementary exercises provide excellent results. Their choice is quite wide – from squats with barbells, through tummies, to barbell presses.

Supplemental workouts for runners are not as intense as for professional bodybuilders. You don’t have to be afraid of high loads or activities that pump out all your energy. A short but intense series of exercises is desirable. They are aimed at increasing dynamics, strength, efficiency. A great advantage is that this activity stimulates to work those areas of the body that remain inactive during the run.

What body types can be distinguished?

The body structure of a runner depends on many factors. It cannot be said that people who run more achieve better results. As already mentioned, it is not advisable to limit yourself to one activity that primarily burns body fat. Three basic body types are characterized below.

1) Ectomorphic physique

This is a slim physique that is distinguished by a shallow level of body fat. Muscles are not outlined or exposed here. Long but not intensive activities (e.g., relaxed running, cycling, undemanding mountain climbing) are recommended for this physique.
2. Mesomorphic (athletic) physique

An athletic physique involves solid and shapely muscles and thick bones. A V-shape can be developed through a combination of training and a balanced diet. Higher dynamics translate into better running performance. The V-shape can be shaped through a variety of exercises and a balanced diet.

3. Endomorphic body build

The endomorphic body is found in people who find it challenging to eliminate body fat (especially from selected parts of the body). The tendency towards round shapes means that running alone is often not enough to shape the body as expected.

Should amateurs implement supplemental training?

Amateur runners are very often not looking to improve their performance. This activity can be a way to relax and reduce stress. However, it should be taken into account that it may lead to catabolism, i.e., muscle mass burning. The silhouette is getting smaller, but this is tantamount to a decrease in muscle endurance. The body’s capabilities decrease, which makes it impossible to work on its efficiency. That is why it is worth implementing uncomplicated supplementary exercises.

You cannot forget about a well-balanced diet. It is the absolute basis while shaping the figure. You have to make sure that your meals have an optimal amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. To a large extent, it is the food consumed that determines how the body will look like. The sport alone is not enough to get an athletic physique. Muscles need building blocks. Otherwise, they will be burned by the body, and all the effort will be in vain.

It is well known that skinny people find it challenging to build muscle mass. Regular physical activity is not enough if the reason lies in a poorly balanced diet. We recommend protein supplements, which can also be used by amateurs. They significantly facilitate the development of high-quality muscle mass.

Athletic build in the runner – a brief summary

It is a myth that the runner can not have an athletic physique, and muscles reduce performance during this activity. On the contrary, a sculpted body is fitter, more robust, and less prone to overtraining. However, you can’t expect a mesomorphic physique to appear solely through running training. It is necessary to introduce complementary exercises that stimulate muscles to increase volume. Of course, we can’t forget about diet, which is a prerequisite for success. Supplements – including protein supplements – can also be helpful.

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