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Sunifiram – one of the most potent nootropics!

Sunifiram – one of the most potent nootropics!

Research conducted on preparations from the group of racetams allowed scientists to find out the properties of sunifiram. This compound is a derivative of piracetam, but it does not belong to the group of racetams. All because of probably differences of structural nature. However, for those interested in supplementing this compound, the most crucial thing will be that sunifiram provides significant health benefits. What’s more, the positive effects can be seen even at low doses of a few milligrams! So, what other properties does sunifiram have?

History of sunifiram research

The compound designated as DM-235 was first studied in the early 2000s. Scientists at the time wanted to see if sunifiram had any therapeutic potential. Unfortunately, the tests carried out did not allow the researchers to clearly establish the mechanism of action and, consequently, to know the effects of taking sunifiram. Therefore, this compound fell into scientific oblivion. Only the last few years have brought some increase in interest in sunifiram.


Currently, scientists have only the results of studies conducted on mice. However, these are extremely interesting. Admittedly, even in rodents, scientists were not able to describe precisely how sunifiram works. Researchers only knew that the compound stimulates neuronal pathways within NMDA receptors. Fortunately, later studies provided additional answers. It is now known that sunifiram can indirectly stimulate AMPA receptors, thus affecting glutamate activity.

Unusual user findings

Until quite recently, it seemed that sunifiram would remain in medical obscurity for a long time. Scientists, discouraged by contradictory research results, have not been eager to retest the compound. Finally, however, sparse reports about the potential effects of sunifiram did reach the public. Although it was not obvious, many people decided to try the compound for themselves. This was made possible by the nootropics manufacturers, who released various preparations containing sunifiram on the market. This is how the unofficial “career” of DM-235 began.


With time, more and more positive opinions on taking sunifiram started to appear on various websites and discussion forums. People using preparations containing DM-235 spoke very positively about them. Some users even claimed that sunifiram made them feel better and visibly increased their energy levels.

At this point, it is difficult to pinpoint the mechanism behind the feelings described. One theory is that sunifiram triggers reactions in the brain, leading to increased acetylcholine and glutamate activity. This, in turn, would result in a better mood and a potential reduction in symptoms typical of mild depressive states.

There are also reports of other effects associated with taking sunifiram. A sizable group of people using DM-235-containing preparations report sharpened perception and clearer perception of various stimuli. Once again, it should be noted that all such sensations probably result from the stimulating properties of sunifiram.

An exciting issue is an issue above of a stronger sense of stimuli. Perhaps this is what is behind the effect of… increased libido. However, it is difficult to explain whether sunifiram has any impact on sexual desire in this case. The described product may result from heightened perception and a stronger desire for physical sensations.

How to use sunifiram?

Proponents of sunifiram are hoping that the growing number of reports of positive effects of this compound will prompt scientists to resume testing. This is very important because only favorable results from clinical trials could lead to the official launch of sunifiram on the market.

However, for the moment, those interested in taking sunifiram must limit themselves to dietary supplements. Fortunately, this is not a problem, as preparations containing DM-235 are now readily available. Before purchasing, however, it is a good idea to carefully read the label of the product you choose and make sure that it contains sunifiram/DM-235.

Interestingly, sunifiram is often touted as a more effective alternative to piracetam, the most popular nootropic. It’s hard to disagree with that. However, the benefits of taking sunifiram can be achieved with a daily dose as low as 5-10 milligrams! This compound is a unique feature, as virtually all other nootropics require much higher doses to be taken. For this reason, you should not worry if a product does not contain much sunifiram. In its case, even small amounts can work wonders!

When it comes to combining DM-235 with other nootropics, there are no significant contraindications. Even manufacturers of such preparations often combine sunifiram with caffeine, ginseng, or other adaptogens.


Snifiram is an exciting compound, which is being used more often, even though scientists have not yet discovered its exact mechanism of action. However, we have to admit that the opinions of people who use this compound can be optimistic. According to such reports, sunifiram perfectly sharpens our perception and makes us feel various stimuli more strongly.

In addition to this, it is also said to boost energy and improve general well-being while reducing symptoms of depression. Some people also talk about an increase in libido caused by taking DM-235. However, it is worth remembering that at this moment, sunifiram has an experimental status. Therefore, it can only be purchased in dietary supplements as it has not yet been officially launched on the market. With such supplementation, you should limit yourself to small doses of 5-10 milligrams per day.




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