5% Nutrition Mentality Nootropic 60caps


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Rich Piana aroused extreme emotions in the bodybuilding community. However, there is no doubt that his mind was simply at a championship level. Similar expectations regarding one’s mentality should be held by all athletes, as it determines the results achieved to a great extent.

Can mentality be improved with supplementation? The answer may surprise you, but in some respects, it is possible. Proof of this will be the Mentality Nootropic formulation from the offer of the 5% Nutrition brand, which Rich Piana himself founded. Mentality nutrient contains a unique blend of nootropic compounds, i.e. substances that support the work of the nervous system and brain. Some of these compounds can help improve perceived mood and increase motivation. This, in turn, means that the Mentality formula can indirectly affect mentality itself!

You can find B vitamins, calcium, choline and three unique nootropic blends in its composition. Here they are and their most important active ingredients:

– Calcium – although calcium is seen primarily as a bone builder, it also affects the functioning of the nervous system. However, only some people know that calcium can affect the more efficient transmission of nerve impulses. For this reason, its proper concentration in the body is critical.

– B vitamins – a lot can be written about the beneficial effects of B vitamins. However, when it comes to mental issues, it should be noted that a severe deficiency of such vitamins can lead to decreased perceived motivation and feelings of chronic fatigue. This, in turn, does not positively affect mentality, so supplementation of deficiencies is essential in this case.

– Choline – Choline, also known as vitamin B4, is another essential compound for the nervous system. Among other things, it is responsible for cognitive functions, such as remembering new information and maintaining concentration. Thus, its supplementation can provide significant benefits.

1 Mind Over Matter Mental Power Blend:

– Korean ginseng extract – Korean ginseng is famous for its exciting properties. In addition to its beneficial effects on testosterone synthesis, ginseng can further reduce perceived fatigue and increase readiness for action.

– L-phenylalanine – the most crucial benefit of phenylalanine is its effect on the synthesis of certain neurotransmitters. As a result, supplementation with this compound can provide benefits such as improved mood and enhanced cognitive abilities.

– TeaCrine™ – the patented TeaCrine™ formulation is characterized by its broad effects. In addition to its effects on improving mood and cognitive abilities, it can also help improve athletic performance.

– Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) – Alpha-lipoic acid is used in medicine to treat certain disorders and diseases of the nervous system. This fact alone certainly demonstrates its health-promoting potential. Furthermore, ALA has strong antioxidant properties and increases cell sensitivity to insulin.

– Ginkgo biloba leaf extract – the active substances in Ginkgo biloba leaves have exciting properties. First, they have neuroprotective effects; that is, they protect nerve cells from degeneration caused by various factors. In addition, Ginkgo biloba helps remove free radicals from the body.

– Gotu Kola extract – the plant known as Gotu Kola has a highly beneficial effect on the circulatory system. And when it comes to the nervous system, extracts extracted from this plant can increase resistance to stress and improve the so-called psychophysical endurance of the entire body.

– L-theanine – this active substance is found primarily in green tea leaves. The most well-known property of L-theanine is its calming and relaxing effect. As a result, it can reduce the adverse effects of stress and contribute to better recovery.

– Toothed Clubmoss (Huperzia Serrata) extract – this plant contains a specific active compound referred to as huperzine A. It exhibits a pronounced nootropic effect and thus improves cognitive function and memory.

2. PsychoStim Adder-All-In Energy Burst:

– InnovaTea™ – This patented formula contains all-natural caffeine extracted from tea leaves. It exhibits a more effective stimulant effect, partly due to its much higher level of bioavailability.

– Infienergy™ – another patented ingredient is Infienergy™, a formulation containing a high dose of caffeine malate. The stimulating qualities of this compound complement the effects of InnovaTea™ described above. Their synergy will therefore be beneficial for those complaining of low energy levels.

– Cocoa bean extract – cocoa beans are a treasure trove of antioxidants and other compounds with health-promoting effects. They also contain the active substance theobromine.

– Theobromine – It is worth mentioning that Mentality Nootropic capsules also contain the addition of pure theobromine. This is obviously due to its properties. Theobromine has a mild stimulating effect on the nervous system. In addition, some studies say it can effectively help athletic performance.

– Guarana extract – guarana’s high caffeine content makes it a frequently used substitute for the more popular coffee. To be clear, guarana can only be consumed in powdered form, and this is the extract used in the Mentality Nootropic capsules described here.

3 Lucid Focus Neurotransmission Blend:

– Choline alphoscerate (Alpha-GPC) – Choline alphoscerate supplementation can lead to increased levels of acetylcholine in the nervous system. Higher levels of this neurotransmitter have been linked to improved cognitive abilities and more efficient nervous system function.

– Choline bicinate – another popular form of choline is the compound choline bicinate. It has an equally high level of bioavailability and thus provides effective action. In addition, choline bicinate can further support the work of the circulatory system.

– DMAE – Dimethyl ethanolamine is another compound with strong nootropic potential. Regular use can provide benefits in increased concentration and perceived energy levels.


The recommended dosage of the product is two capsules per day. The capsules should be sipped with plenty of water.