Driven Sports Canna-Eaze 15 60 Capsules


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Getting the figure of your dreams is primarily associated with gruelling workouts and constantly pushing your limits. Indeed, there is a lot of truth in this. Without the right intensity at workouts, there is no way to achieve steady progress in athlete performance and physique. However, in the 21st century, no one underestimates the importance of an equally important issue for figure development. It is, of course, regeneration and, in particular, sound sleep.

Scientific studies have shown that a good and long sleep can be a tremendous ally for athletes. Unfortunately, it also works the other way around, so poor sleep hygiene can make working out your dream form challenging. Therefore, the issue is straightforward – every athlete needs to take care of the quality of their sleep. This can be helped by changes in daily habits and special supplements, an example of which is Driven Sports Canna-Eaze 15 Sleep Aid capsules.

Their action concerns a couple of basic levels. First, these capsules make it easier to achieve a state of relaxation and reduce perceived stress and anxiety. This, in turn, directly translates into faster sleep and better quality of sleep. Secondly, some active ingredients in these capsules can reduce perceived pain and fatigue. This, in turn, will further increase the efficiency of recovery.

Driven Sports Canna-Eaze 15 Sleep Aid capsules are based on a unique blend of Canna-Eaze 15™. Here are its key ingredients:

– Ashwagandha root extract – in recent years, ashwagandha has become popular in the dietary supplement market. What was the reason for the great interest in its properties? Namely, scientific studies have confirmed that ashwagandha can act as an effective adaptogen. Thus, it can increase the body’s resistance to stress and adverse internal factors and facilitate adaptation processes. Therefore, ashwagandha in many people will also indirectly affect sleep quality.

– Hemp flower extract (as a patented formulation of Ideal Hemp 15™) – the rise in popularity also applies to any extract derived from hemp flowers. Fortunately, hemp is no longer identified only with drugs, as researchers have leaned into its health-promoting properties. The patented Ideal Hemp 15™ formula contains the highest quality extract from a specific species of hemp. In some people, such an extract can reduce discomfort and pain caused by heavy muscle strain. In addition, it can promote recovery through a mild relaxing and calming effect.

– Ginger root extract – sleep problems have affected people virtually since dawn. So it is not surprising that in folk medicine, you can find quite a few natural remedies for problems of this type. One of the remedies for sleep problems is ginger-based decoctions. Now science has provided evidence as to why such decoctions could work. This is because it turned out that ginger root contains certain compounds that promote feelings of relaxation. Therefore, Such action can strongly reduce perceived anxiety, which translates into easier sleep and better sleep quality.

– Piperine (in the form of a patented formulation of BioPerine™) – each of the extracts described above contains health-promoting compounds. However, to provide the expected benefits, the body must first assimilate them. Unfortunately, the standard level of assimilation of many such compounds is relatively low. That’s why Driven Sports relied on adding piperine, precisely the patented BioPerine™ formulation. It contains large amounts of pure piperine, which effectively increases the bioavailability of many compounds. Thanks to it, the described extracts can provide more impressive benefits, as they will work more effectively.


The standard way of using Driven Sports Canna-Eaze 15 Sleep Aid is to take 2-3 capsules with a small meal, which will be consumed shortly before sleep. Then one can count on a perfect effect in supporting sleep quality and reducing the time it takes to fall asleep.

However, if someone cares more about the adaptogenic effect, they can also take one capsule of the product at another time. What is essential, however, is that such a capsule should always be taken with a meal and washed down with plenty of water.