Hi-Tech Pro IGF-1™ 250ct


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IGF-1 stands for insulin-like growth factor IGF-1. Of course, to many people, this name alone may not say anything. However, it is essential to realize that it is an essential compound for our body. Among other things, it is responsible for forming new tissues and maintaining proper electrolyte balance. In addition, it binds to proteins in the blood, thus influencing their synthesis.

Moreover, low levels of IGF-1 are associated with low growth hormone levels. This is because growth hormone acts as a precursor to IGF-1. Therefore, low levels of IGF-1 will also be reflected in IGF-1 concentrations. In turn, such a condition can cause serious health problems. Unfortunately, IGF-1 levels in the body begin to decline as we age. Therefore, virtually all older adults are prone to problems resulting from low levels of this factor in the body. It is, therefore, worth doing everything possible to counteract this.

There are various preparations available on the market that can increase IGF-1 levels. One noteworthy one is the Pro IGF-1™ supplement from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. According to the manufacturer’s declaration, it is one of the most advanced supplements. Pro IGF-1™ contains a high dose of the described factor per dose. It amounts to precisely 20 micrograms.

Supplementation of Pro IGF-1™ and the resulting increase in the level of this factor in the body can guarantee several health benefits. First, such supplementation can help burn body fat by intensifying the processes by which the body obtains energy from just such tissue. This, in turn, will promote figure building (especially during weight reduction).

We should also remember the very beneficial effect of IGF-1 on protein synthesis. Indeed, increasing its efficiency can contribute to faster and more impressive muscle gains. Such an effect will undoubtedly be significant for all those who practice strength or figure sports.


The manufacturer recommends a single dose of 5 capsules per day.