SARM – MK-677 (Ibutamoren)

Can aging-related diseases have anything to do with bodybuilding? Such a connection seems absurd, but the mentioned correlation actually exists. Research on diseases of aging led to the creation of a compound that is used today mainly by strength sports enthusiasts. It is, of course, MK-677 or ibutamoren, a combination that is a synthetic equivalent of ghrelin. What is its use, and when should you use it?

What is MK-677?

Many websites claim that MK-677 is a SARMs compound, but this is not true. Yes, the ibutamoren mechanism of action on the human body may indeed resemble that of other SARMs. Still, SARMs themselves mean that the substance is a selective androgen receptor modulator. MK-677, on the other hand, interacts with receptors responsible for ghrelin uptake. Therefore, it cannot be classified as a SARMs.

MK-677 and the treatment of aging diseases

Interestingly, the creation of ibutamoren had little to do with the world of sports. The compound was intended for entirely different purposes. However, to clarify this issue, it is necessary to first learn about the properties of MK-677. As already known, this compound is a synthetic version of ghrelin, which is a hormone produced by the digestive system. However, ghrelin is not only involved in processes related to food digestion. Studies have shown that this inconspicuous compound is responsible for… releasing growth hormone!

This discovery became a real breakthrough in the medical industry. Because of this, researchers quickly developed a synthetic version of ghrelin that would allow the hormone to increase naturally in the human body. This is how the compound known as MK-677 or ibutamoren was created. Once it enters the body, MK-677 reacts with the receptors responsible for ghrelin uptake. This would not be possible were it not for the fact that ibutamoren can cross the blood-brain barrier. As a result, MK-677 stimulates the pituitary gland, which begins to secrete more significant amounts of growth hormone under its influence.

As you know, growth hormone is responsible for the development and maintenance of muscle mass. Therefore, reducing its synthesis causes diseases typical of old age (muscle atrophy, impaired motor function). The discovery of MK-677 allowed scientists to start many groundbreaking clinical trials. So far, it has been confirmed that taking ibutamoren leads to an increase in lean muscle mass. Such research results have resonated not only in the medical community. Athletes have also started to pay more and more attention to ibutamoren.

MK-677 and athlete reviews

To find evidence of the effectiveness of MK-677, you don’t have to work too hard. Numerous scientific studies confirm that ibutamoren can have a very beneficial effect on our bodies. However, if this doesn’t convince someone, another argument will be the positive reviews of people supplementing this compound.

In the case of MK-677, the feedback from users is actually excellent. People taking ibutamoren most often write about a visible increase in lean muscle mass and faster body regeneration. Such voices also coincide with the results of studies on the use of MK-677.

MK-677 effects

An increase in lean muscle mass and more effective body regeneration are not everything. Some users also point out other effects experienced while using ibutamoren. These most often include:

– increased appetite and a more frequent feeling of craving;

– reduced muscle catabolism after exercise;

– improved sleep quality;

– an increase in the concentration of growth hormone in the blood (visible in the tests performed).

How and when to take MK-677?

SARMs should usually be taken in doses of a few milligrams per day. However, it is already known that MK-677 only theoretically belongs to the mentioned category. In practice, ibutamoren is an entirely different compound, which also affects its recommended dosage. This can be seen in clinical trials, where participants received doses of several or even tens of milligrams per day!

So what dose of ibutamoren will be correct? In fact, it is difficult to say unequivocally because much depends on individual body tolerance. The current state of knowledge assumes that doses of several milligrams per day guarantee sufficient effects. It is debatable whether increasing the supply of ibutamoren can provide additional benefits. Therefore, most people should limit themselves to using MK-677 at 10-15 milligrams per day.

As for the timing of MK-677 intake, it does not matter much. This is because Ibutamoren is present in our body for up to 24 hours. Therefore, using it once a day at any time will be entirely sufficient.

MK-677 for sale as a dietary supplement

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Ibutamoren acts as a synthetic equivalent of ghrelin, the compound responsible for growth hormone synthesis. Thus, increasing the concentration of ghrelin in the body can also increase GH levels. This, in turn, provides several benefits such as increased muscle mass, reduced catabolic processes, and faster recovery. MK-677 can be easily purchased in supplement form. When it comes to dosage, ibutamoren users usually take one dose per day containing a dozen or tens of milligrams of the compound. At this point, it is unknown if higher doses of MK-677 can provide additional benefits.