SARM – Ostarine (Enobosarm/MK-2866)

Ostarine is one of the most prevalent compounds included in the SARMs group. Compared to other substances of this type, ostarine has been the most thoroughly researched, thanks to which scientists have learned a lot about the mechanisms of its action. This has also attracted the interest of athletes. For athletes, ostarine is an agent which allows for a significant intensification of anabolic processes in the body. Thus it ensures rapid muscle growth and easier regeneration after exercise. What was the research on ostarine? What do you need to know about this substance?

How was Ostarine developed?

Today all substances classified as SARMs are mainly associated with sports performance-enhancing drugs. However, their origins were quite different. Ostarine, for example, was invented by the American pharmaceutical company GTx Incorporated. For the first few years, it was available as an enobosarm and functioned under this name during clinical trials.

Why was Ostarine being studied in the first place? Because GTx Incorporated intended to market it as a treatment for osteoporosis and muscular atrophy. The manufacturer was well aware that ostarine can very effectively increase the anabolic functions of the body. Therefore, taking this compound leads to increased muscle mass with a simultaneous thickening of bone tissue. Both of the effects mentioned above would be extremely important for people struggling with osteoporosis or muscle atrophy.

The first reports were really optimistic. In August 2011, a phase 2 clinical trial involving enobosarm was completed. Researchers found that the compound clearly helped patients increase lean body mass and also improved their motor skills. Notably, such benefits were achieved virtually without any side effects commonly seen in people taking steroids. Thus, researchers were able to confirm the effectiveness of ostarine for the first time.

Ostarine – the launch of supplements

GTx decided to follow suit and use the positive research results to initiate further tests on enobosarm. Over time, ostarine was also tested as an adjunctive treatment for cancer patients. Later, it was also administered to patients struggling with stress urinary incontinence. However, these studies did not produce the expected results.

However, the manufacturer still had a significant advantage. This was a study confirming the positive effects of ostarine on muscles and the skeletal system. This, in turn, led to the introduction of Enobosarm on the market of dietary supplements. Since then, the described agent began to function more frequently under the name of ostarine or MK-2866.

Studies have shown that ostarine supplementation can be very beneficial for athletes. In their case, the anabolic capabilities of the body are critical. Not surprisingly, athletes quickly became the group that most often used ostarine. However, this prompted a swift reaction from WADA. The organization issued a statement regarding the inclusion of ostarine in the list of banned substances. Such a decision was argued because athletes who take MK-2866 can gain an advantage over other athletes. All due to the mechanism of action of ostarine, which resembles the specificity typical of anabolic steroids. Thus, professional athletes cannot use this substance. Ostarine UK is therefore available only in the form of dietary supplements for amateur athletes.

Ostarine effects

However, the decision issued by WADA was further proof of the effectiveness of ostarine. Therefore, MK-2866 is now considered a substance that has been well studied.

As a compound from the group of SARMs, ostarine affects androgen receptors. Thanks to this, its mechanism of action is strictly anabolic. However, taking ostarine is not associated with side effects typical of steroid use. It is important to remember that MK-2866 is not a methylated compound, posing no risk to the liver.

The most important benefits of using ostarine are:

– rapid gains in lean muscle mass;

– accelerated body regeneration;

– improved joint function;

– increased level of bone tissue mineralization;

– improved overall strength and endurance;

– low risk of side effects;

– Some users also report an increase in perceived energy and improved libido.

Ostarine – dosage

How to take ostarine? Virtually all substances in the SARMs group should be taken in cycles. Ostarine is, therefore, no exception. Importantly, MK-2866 is a compound of medium intensity. Therefore, people who have been using SARMs for a long time can take Ostarine in daily doses as high as 15-30 milligrams. For beginners, the recommended range is about 5-10 milligrams per day.

The standard cycle for SARMs is 8-12 weeks. This length of time will also be advisable for those taking ostarine. Importantly, MK-2866 can be combined with other SARMs such as ligandrol, cardarine. Of course, it is essential to ensure that the supplements you take are high enough. That is why we encourage you to visit Cross The Limits store. We offer the best ostarine UK and other proven SARMs supplements.


Ostarine deserves to be called a compound with proven effects. As a substance from the SARMs group, it helps in achieving fast muscle mass gains. It also has a very positive impact on the joints and bone tissue. When it comes to the issue of safety, MK-2866 does not cause too many side effects. To minimize the risk of them, you need to follow the rules for taking ostarine safely. This compound should be taken in cycles that average 8-12 weeks. The recommended daily dose of ostarine is 5-10 milligrams for beginners and 15-30 milligrams for the most demanding individuals.