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Does Sex has adverse effects before competition, truth, or myth?

Does sex have adverse effects before competition, truth, or myth?

Athletes devote most of their lives to everything related to building their careers, improving their performance to achieve better and better results. This is entirely natural. If someone is a professional athlete, he works on his life and career by total dedication to the activity. Therefore, people who actively train and perform at various competitions always want to increase their chances for better results. They often sacrifice a lot, even sex, which, according to myths passed from mouth to mouth, can cause a decrease in performance and lead to a worse start in competitions. Is this really true? We explain the issue below.

Sex and sport

It has long been a widespread opinion that sex is not conducive to athletic activity and good performance during competitions. Such platitudes are passed on by athletes and coaches, especially those who do not refer to scientific research but repeat information heard somewhere. Meanwhile, it turns out that, in fact, there are few studies that in any way link the decline in form and physical performance with sex. In a word, it is all a myth, which should be dispelled, and the whole truth should be given to athletes. Why? Because much worse consequences for physical and mental health have abstained from sex. The game is not worth the candle, and it is better to have a successful erotic life with a loved one than to catalyze yourself to abstain from sexual pleasure in the name of better performance.

Research on sex in athletes

Research on the effects of sex on athletic performance and performance has really only been done a handful of times. Moreover, the study groups have not been pervasive. In a word, barely a dozen or so athletes were studied, which is definitely not a broad group allowing conclusions to be drawn about the influence of sex on athletes’ physiology. It turns out that there is no evidence that sex just before a competition will negatively affect a person’s athletic performance, for example. Coaches often warn not to have sex a day or two before a match, but activity in this area of life really won’t have a harmful effect. Sometimes they point out that this is related, for example, that after sex, adrenaline and testosterone levels drop. These hormones are linked to a confident, aggressive, boisterous attitude that can promote competition and performance. However, research does not indicate such a relationship. Therefore, it is better not to repeat clichés and myths and rely on scientifically proven truth.

The influence of abstaining from sex on a person’s life

However, one thing is certain. Refraining from activity in the sexual sphere, which is, after all, really necessary for a healthy mental life, can really cause a lot of costs in a person’s life. Athletes often give up their private life or have this life unregulated. They sacrifice a lot to have plenty of time to train, participate in competitions, and go to training camps. They lose a lot because of that. Family and partner life is essential for everyone. It allows you to satisfy completely different needs than those you meet while practicing sports and winning competitions. If, in addition, in this partnership life, the athlete has to put restrictions on his sexuality, it will undoubtedly not positively affect his level of satisfaction and happiness. It is better not to do so.

Successful sex and sport

A successful sex life adds tremendous value to the overall well-being of a person’s life. Why? Because it is just a completely natural area of life that needs to be satisfied. Besides, sex is essential for maintaining commitment in two parties who are in a close relationship. Without this, it is impossible to form a couple in the long run. Athletes need to keep this in mind as well. A good life with a close person, in which also the sexual sphere is satisfied, in a very positive way translates into overall satisfaction and level of happiness. Thanks to this, the man simply wants more, has more energy, desire, and enthusiasm. Can such a life situation have a positive influence on results in sport? Definitely yes. People who are happy and satisfied simply want to train, develop themselves, set higher standards. They are motivated to do so. Their mental health is in good shape, so they can grow in other areas. This cannot be said about unhappy, sad, lonely, without a partner, and therefore without a sex life.

How does sex affect a person?

Does sex strongly tire a person physically? Definitely no. As for the number of calories burned during sexual intercourse, it is not some vast energy expenditure. Sometimes it is said that sex can replace sport a little, but this is definitely not entirely true. What is more, a successful sex life makes some kind of tension disappear from the muscles, often felt as discomfort in the long run. A man relaxes, simply feels happier because it is during sex that hormones of happiness are naturally secreted in the body. In a word, there are many benefits of sex. It is also often recommended as a way to improve the health of your cardiovascular system. Is it worth abstaining from it, even if you are an athlete? Of course not. Let anyone involved in sports athletically and professionally or just as a hobby have as successful a sex life as possible. This will also positively affect his form and athletic ability.


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