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Ozonation of blood, how do athletes do it?

Ozonation of blood, how do athletes do it?

Competitive and professional sports are a significant burden on the human body. There is no denying that the adrenaline associated with crossing successive limits and achieving better results is addictive, drives to action and life. However, it is impossible not to mention certain health costs which are borne by sportsmen. To function at their best, they often decide on various medical procedures to improve their performance. Recently, blood ozone treatment has become popular. What is it, how is it performed, and what are the effects? Below is a handful of information on this subject.

Blood ozone treatment

Athletes not only need to improve their performance to achieve better results, but they also need to learn how to regenerate quickly. This last skill is essential because it is the regeneration of the body that largely determines how a professional athlete will perform during subsequent performances and competitions. One method that brings excellent results and is increasingly used by professional athletes is blood ozone therapy. As the name suggests, it is a therapy with ozone, i.e., oxygen with unique properties. It is administered intravenously, so the ozonized athlete is given a drip.

There are strictly defined doses of an oxygen/ozone mixture. The concentration of the substances and the way they are dosed must be under strict control. Therefore, before a person who wants to use blood ozone treatment undergoes the procedure, he must be consulted by a doctor. More often than not, a blood ozonation site will benefit from talking to a doctor. While the effects can be seen right after the ozonation is applied, for a particular improvement in performance that leads to the possibility of getting better results, it is recommended to use ozonation regularly, at least in several series. At medical centers where you can undergo blood ozonation, you can often buy a package that makes the prices more affordable.

Effects after blood ozone therapy

What effects can a person who decides to ozone blood count on? Without a doubt, a significant performance improvement. Why? Because the blood is simply better oxygenated, well-oxygenated muscles work faster and more efficiently, allowing you to push your own limits and get better results.

For some, the effects after ozonation resemble those seen after taking particular drugs to speed up red blood cell production. Unfortunately, every professional athlete knows that such drugs are not legal and are called doping for athletes. In the case of ozone therapy, however, we are dealing with a method that is as accessible as possible, is legal, and leads to an improvement in performance while at the same time not canceling out a sports career. That is why ozone therapy is so popular and often recommended to athletes who take their training seriously and develop professionally.

Effects after ozone therapy

Not only athletes benefit from ozone therapy. It is worth knowing that it is an increasingly popular procedure that ordinary people are interested in. Why? Because ozone therapy has a positive effect on physical fitness and the body’s regeneration capabilities. Therefore, the overall condition and form of the entire body improve, as well as mental capabilities. For example, people who receive ozone therapy report improved ability to concentrate, learn and remember.

All of this makes a person function more effectively, efficiently, learn faster, assimilate knowledge and use it daily. For athletes, ozone therapy is of great importance when it comes to the possibility of long and intensive training. After ozone therapy, a person can work much harder, train longer and more intensively. All of this results in an improved technique and a better shape and condition. It has also been observed that people who use ozone therapy recover more quickly. Ozone therapy is recommended when the body is inflamed or injured, which is inevitable for athletes. Thanks to ozone therapy, you can return to total health and fitness faster. Doesn’t that sound great?

How much does ozone therapy cost?

Since blood ozone therapy has a tremendously positive effect on the human body, why doesn’t everyone use it? Simply because it is quite an expensive way to support your body. One session of therapy usually costs several dozen PLN. Additionally, it is necessary to pay for a consultation with a doctor. To see the real impact of ozone therapy on the body, you need to undergo a series of treatments. All this means that regular use of this benefit generates considerable costs.

The average monthly price is several hundred PLN or more because a single session will not have such a huge impact. Is it still worth it? Absolutely. Ozone therapy is recommended both for athletes, people who are engaged in sports more often but not professionally. For ordinary people, who want to feel better in their own bodies, have more strength and energy, set the bar a little higher for their bodies. It is worth finding out more about ozone therapy and checking where you can benefit from it in your area. It is undoubtedly one of those methods that are making a huge splash, and there is no indication that it will stop.


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