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Fat removal, cryolipolysis, the whole truth

Fat removal, cryolipolysis, the whole truth

As a rule, every average person wants to look their best. According to the canon of beauty, he wants to take care of his body, remove excess fat, and look slimmer. There is no denying that some people pursue this goal at all costs, not necessarily in a healthy way. Sports and a good diet are the basis for shedding unwanted pounds and thus also unwanted fat. However, you can choose various cosmetology and aesthetic medicine methods that remove excess fat without unnecessary effort. Is this solution healthy and recommended in any case? It all depends on the particular body. Usually, before a doctor of aesthetic medicine gives a patient qualifies for the procedure, they will conduct a very detailed interview and collect all information on contraindications. If the qualification is done correctly, the risk of damage to your health is low.

Cryolipolysis, or the way to resistant fat

Even lovers of an active lifestyle and a healthy diet have problems with locally accumulated fat. It happens that this fat is highly resistant and simply cannot be removed either by increasing physical activity or by diet. What to do in such a situation? It is worth using modern treatments of aesthetic medicine, which work locally, allowing to remove excess fat. One of the possibilities is cryolipolysis. This is now the most popular method of dealing with resistant fat, which has accumulated, for example, in the lower or upper part of the abdomen, on the arms, on the inner or outer parts of the thighs. It is worth learning more about cryolipolysis because it gives accurate results, removing fat cells once and for all. But, in fact, it simply leads to their death.

What is cryolipolysis?

So what does this so fashionable and popular treatment consist of? In this case, fat cells are destroyed using low temperatures. A fold of skin with fat is sucked and then cooled. The tissues are subjected to a very low temperature. This causes the fat cells to literally destroy themselves as their cell membranes rupture, and then water penetrates. Using a shock wave in addition, cryolipolysis is even more effective as the fat cells are broken down. They are then metabolized and removed from the body in a few weeks or so. Therefore, the effects are not visible immediately; they appear within a few or several weeks after. How to measure them? The best method is simply ultrasound when the thickness of the fat tissue can be measured most precisely. Two or three treatments make it possible to reduce fat tissue by even two or three centimeters. It is difficult to achieve such an effect in any other way. Moreover, cryolipolysis leads to cell death and removal permanently. That is why it gives such permanent results.

Painfulness of the procedure

Various procedures of aesthetic medicine are not always pleasant. It is said that for beauty, you have to suffer. Is cryolipolysis in this regard a very unpleasant procedure? Everything depends on the sensitivity of a particular person, as well as their pain threshold. Fortunately, this is not a highly undesirable method of aesthetic medicine. Of course, there are moments when pain is felt more strongly, but many people tolerate cryolipolysis well as a rule. After aspiration of the fat fold, when the tissue is subjected to low temperature, pain impulses practically disappear at once. Only later, when a shock wave is used, which significantly improves the effectiveness of cryolipolysis, unpleasant sensations may appear again. Sometimes it also happens that a person who does not have much experience in conducting the procedure, during cryolipolysis, poorly grasps the skin tissue with fat. This may lead, for example, to partial frostbite of the tissues. Such a risk is possible. Therefore it is worth choosing only such offices where the procedure of cryolipolysis has been performed for a long time and is always dealt with by specialists.

Contraindications to surgery

Of course, cryolipolysis cannot be performed in every case. There are some situations when this procedure is not recommended. One of the more common contraindications to the system is various chronic kidney and liver diseases. Why can’t cryolipolysis be used in this situation? After being literally frozen by low temperature, the fat tissue is broken down. Then the fat cells still need to be metabolized and removed outside the body. This is what the liver does. If you suffer from diseases related to liver failure, metabolizing dead fat cells can be too taxing on this internal organ. It is good to keep this in mind and always be honest with your doctor and provide all the essential information about your own health. In addition, cryolipolysis can not be used by people suffering from cancer, breastfeeding women, pregnant ladies.

How to increase the effects of cryolipolysis?

To increase the effects of this aesthetic medicine procedure, you should stick to specific rules. A few days after the process, you should introduce a very light and low-fat diet and drink a considerable amount of water. It is also a good idea to kick-start your metabolism a bit, for example, by doing light and low-impact sports. You can also immediately benefit from various aesthetic medicine treatments, such as endermologie.


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