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Vitamin infusions before competition – does it make sense?

Vitamin infusions before competition – does it make sense?

Every professional athlete is constantly trying to take care of his health and shape. Among other things, a healthy lifestyle has a significant impact on a person’s overall fitness and performance, including that of a sportsman. You need to get enough sleep and eat well because it is from food that all the nutrients build and strengthen the body flow.

Although, in general, athletes most often have a strictly established diet that meets their real caloric needs, as well as those related to micro and macro elements, vitamins, and other building blocks of the body, there is no denying that before the competition, they want to nourish themselves even more. Do vitamin infusions used before major sporting events make more sense? Below you will find a handful of hints and tips that may dispel the doubts surrounding this topic.

What are vitamin infusions?

More and more people hear about vitamin infusions. Why? Because this fashion, like fashion for everything connected with taking care of health and beauty, came to us from the West. In vitamin infusions, a lot is said about this subject among people interested in the so-called alternative medicine. It is pointed out, for example, that the administration of a massive amount of vitamin C precisely through an infusion into a vein can help to cope with cancer.


There is no denying that for people who are active in sports or have even combined their professional lives with it, the offer of various types of intravenous vitamin infusions is growing. Some people fall for it and simply invest in such support for their body, thinking that it will improve their performance and form and lead to the regeneration of the body. Does it really make sense? It turns out that it does not.

Moreover, vitamin infusions are sometimes even discouraged because it is an invasive method during which the body is punctured, and its coatings are damaged. Suppose this is done in places that are not adequately prepared, in terms of hygiene, and the sterility of the tools is not maintained. In that case, it can even lead to severe health complications. And yet, the underworld in the sports world is thriving; some people decide to do illegal activities just to improve the performance of their bodies.

Infusions for athletes

Vitamins have a significant impact on human health and fitness. Increasingly, there is also talk about how they affect a person’s mental health. We are talking, for example, about vitamin D, whose supplementation is recommended because, for a large part of the year, the body does not have a natural synthesis of this vitamin in quantities that meet its demand. B vitamins are of equal importance for health. And indeed, in some situations, they need to be administered intravenously.

When? For example, when very severe alcohol poisoning has occurred. This is one form of therapy, which was therefore developed for alcoholics who have been destroying their health for many years. At the same time, at this point, it is worth emphasizing once and for all that there are no proven positive health aspects after intravenous infusion of various vitamins for athletes themselves. Therefore, people who train should instead regularly take care of supplementation in the traditional way, take different vitamins orally, and develop a good diet for themselves.

IVs for athletes – does it make sense?

So are there any IVs, not necessarily vitamins, that athletes can use, and it will make sense for them? It turns out that yes.

In this way, and therefore directly intravenously into the body, solutions with electrolytes can be administered. In this way, the health of patients who are, for example, dehydrated in the case of various gastric problems, and therefore vomiting and diarrhea, is supported. This is when such strengthening drips are administered so that the body recovers faster and gets back on its feet. Athletes can also use this kind of hydration as a last resort, but still with a lot of caution that it is a way that violates the body’s shell.

Moreover, it is worth remembering that simply drinking water with electrolytes, for example, the so-called isotonic drinks after an intense workout, will allow you to regenerate and regain strength and good form. Therefore, there is no need to make an appointment for special infusions. It is enough to always have a bottle of isotonic drink with you and regularly reach for it during physical activity.

Where do myths about vitamins come from?

So, where do all the myths about vitamin infusions for athletes come from? The reason is that people who train a lot and want to achieve specific results in sports look for different ways to strengthen their bodies. After all, it is the strength of the body that their sporting achievements depend on. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts as in everything, regularity, and time count. Only training gives form, fitness, and improvement of technology in sport.

Similarly, only regular and good nutrition, taking nutrients, vitamins, and supplements will help to strengthen the body and build its strength through proper diet. It is worth regularly consulting with people dealing with health. It is with them to discuss various methods of supporting your body. It is better to do it with a head and according to the rules than reach for ways whose effects are not scientifically proven. This is just a waste of money and often exposing you to various practices that can be fatal. In such situations, an athlete cannot fail common sense. Experimenting with one’s health and body by using multiple means can end very badly.

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