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Fat burners – effects, side effects

Fat burners – effects, side effects

Mainly before each summer vacation, many of us aim at achieving a slim and fit figure. Apart from intensive efforts at the gym and a proper diet, our hard work is supported by nutrients and supplements. Fat burners are recommended for faster burning of fat tissue. We check how much preparation works, if fat burners are safe and which of them are worth attention.
What are fat burners?
As their name suggests, fat burners are dietary supplements designed to speed up the burning of accumulated fat tissue. On the one hand, their task is to speed up metabolism; on the other, they suppress appetite. As a consequence, the body gets rid of excess fat deposits.
In addition, fat burners often increase energy levels. That’s why it’s best to take it before intensive workouts when the fat in your body during the session is used as additional energy for exercising.
It is worth remembering that fat burners can be found today in the form of natural products (e.g., ginger, chicory, apples, black pepper, pineapple, sea algae) as well as various – weaker or stronger supplements. Of course, you will also find them in the offer of Cross The Limits store. These include Synedrex 60 caps, Dark Labs Ripper 60 caps, Thermal Pro Hardcore 120 caps, HydroxyElite DMHA 90 caps, Eca Xtreme DMHA 90 caps, Nuke Core Labs Extreme FatBurner,  6Pak Nutrition Heat Caps, BioTech USA Ulysses Shaper, Universal Animal Cuts, or Dorian Yates Black Bombs.

How do fat burners work?
Unfortunately, many times fat burners are touted as the so-called golden mean. If you think that you will buy the best fat burner and after a few weeks you will enjoy a fit figure after the supplementation alone, you better save your nerves and money. Undoubtedly, incinerators are an effective means to help you quickly lose weight and get rid of fat storage, but under certain conditions. Remember that the basis is a negative calorie balance and a consistent training plan.
If you are ready for sacrifices and effort, fat burners are for you. Especially adequate are preparations containing guarana, caffeine or synephrine, which are the most common thermogenic ingredients. However, apart from them, there are also burners without stimulants and blockers which stop the secretion of enzymes responsible for digesting carbohydrates and fats. This is why L-carnitine, green tea, Ziperine, or CLA are also popular.
The fat burners themselves have a beneficial effect on the body on many levels, as partially mentioned above. So, they promote thermogenesis, which is the generation of heat to maintain a constant body temperature. Another critical process favored by thermogenesis is the so-called lipolysis. It causes the breakdown of fat tissue into free fatty acids and glycerol, making it easier to use the stored energy for metabolic processes.

Besides, fat burners often contain stimulants that promote arousal (such as caffeine). Finally, they block adenosine receptors in the brain, promoting enhanced endurance and performance during intense exercise. Additionally, they inhibit fatigue and add motivation to exercise.
How to use fat burners?
As we noted, fat burners should only be used as an adjunct to hard, intense workouts and a healthy diet. That’s why people who are not ready for strenuous exercise and sticking to a properly balanced diet should refrain from burners.
The same goes for people just starting to exercise. In the first few months, it is best to trust your own body’s ability to reduce. We can reach for fat burners when we don’t see any further progress or when there has been a visible drop in our form. Thermogenics will increase your body’s efficiency and help you perform more intensive workouts.
Of course, just like other supplements and vitamins, fat burners should be taken according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. They usually come in capsule form and should be taken between meals or right before training.
In the first phase, you can use smaller doses for a minimum of 2 weeks of supplementation. This way, you will check how the product affects your body. Usually, burners are supplemented for 4-8 weeks. If you take capsules for a more extended period, you may get used to the substances in the product and it will not provide you with satisfactory results.
Are thermogenic safe? Side effects of fat burners
Fat burners are considered safe, making them products that are widely and widely available in stores. You can also find them at Cross The Limits.
However, remember to take all the precautions. First of all, dose them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Besides, people who suffer from chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system should not use thermogenic products.
Among others, caffeine or synephrine are present in burners. These substances increase blood pressure and slow down the heart rate. People with diabetes and neurological patients should also be cautious. Burners are not recommended for pregnant and nursing women.
You can always consult your doctor before reaching for a specialized product. Perhaps a better substitute will be a natural fat burner, which will not give spectacular results and increase thermogenesis (e.g., chili, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, green tea, red tea).
To sum up, fat burners are products you should be interested in if your goal is to burn accumulated fat faster. These are preparations that affect the body through thermogenesis or lipolysis, and the best fat burners through both of these phenomena simultaneously.
They undoubtedly contribute to faster calorie burning and weight loss. Additionally, fat reducers may contain stimulating, motivating, or performance-enhancing substances. The most important thing is to choose them individually for your body and training plan. They must also be products from reliable suppliers (e.g., Revange Nutrition, Hi-tech Pharma, Koka Labz).
Of course, you still have to give a lot of yourself by working out intensively and eating according to a negative calorie balance. With the additional help of a fat burner, there is a chance to achieve a slim and fit figure much faster.

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