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Piracetam – what is it, and how does the oldest nootropic drug work

Piracetam – what is it, and how does the oldest nootropic drug work

Nootropic drugs, also called pro-cognitive drugs, are supposed to improve cognitive functions. That is why they have a positive effect on memory and, what is important from the point of view of a gym and bodybuilding, also on attention and concentration. We check what piracetam is, how this pro-cognitive drug works, its side effects, and if it is safe.

Piracetam – what is it?

We have to start with the fact that piracetam is a nootropic drug used in neurology. It was created in 1973. Initially, it was presented as a drug to treat brain, circulatory disorders, memory loss, or Alzheimer’s disease. Today we know that piracetam also helps athletes. In this respect, we will try to review this nootropic drug, which you will also get today in the Cross The Limits store.
Well, piracetam is a preparation included in the compounds called pyrrolidones. It is a derivative of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and improves the function of the entire nervous system. Therefore, it is currently used not only by patients with neurological disorders (including treatment of dizziness) but also by fully healthy people subjected to the excessive intellectual effort. Especially since it is a substance that does not addict us in any way.

How does piracetam work?

First of all, piracetam increases the metabolism of neurons in states of decreased activity, which we deal with in various pathological states of neurological origin. This results in an improvement of nerve conduction. Moreover, it increases the utilization of oxygen and glucose and improves the synthesis of neurotransmitters and high-energy compounds. The agent also has a solid anti-myoclonic effect.
All this guarantees the positive effect of piracetam on the higher parts of the central nervous system. Psychophysical performance and cognitive processes also gain. However, this preparation can also be used prophylactically as a preventive measure against functional changes in the brain. Undoubtedly, it is a very effective drug that stimulates the brain and nervous system. On the other hand, we must remember that reaching for piracetam should stimulate the brain to work, for example, by reading, writing, studying, exercising, etc.
In addition, this well-known nootropic drug has a positive effect on the

cardiovascular system (e.g., reduces blood and plasma viscosity, stimulates prostacyclin synthesis, removes spasms of small blood vessels, reduces the adhesion of red blood cells to the endothelium of blood vessels, prolongs bleeding time, reduces fibrinogen concentration, whose high level promotes thrombosis).

Piracetam in sports and bodybuilding

So we know the mechanism of action of piracetam. We wouldn’t be writing about it if it didn’t help amateur and professional athletes in any way, especially those working out in the gym, though not exclusively. So, this nootropic drug affects mitochondrial membranes, which are activated significantly during physical activity.
There is a noticeable effect of piracetam on acetylcholine binding to receptors, which translates into better motor control. Besides, it improves the effectiveness of antioxidant processes naturally occurring in the body.
Finally, piracetam improves adenylate cyclase activity, which promotes metabolic processes. The drug also benefits metabolism, cerebral blood circulation and accelerates oxidation and reduction processes. Faster utilization of glucose improves the energy potential of a physically active person. From an athlete’s perspective, it is also essential that piracetam normalizes blood and oxygen flow to the ischemic areas of the brain.

How to dose the nootropic drug piracetam?

As we noted above, piracetam is a drug that is not addictive and has a wide range of uses. Nevertheless, it is vital to use it according to what the manufacturer recommends. Much depends here on the age of the person taking this medical product, viz:

  • children – from 40 to 100 mg of the drug per kilogram of body weight per day;
  • adults – from 1200 to 4800 mg of the drug per day.
  • Ideally, the maximum dose taken per day should be divided into three portions (e.g., 3 × 1600 mg).

Indications and contraindications for the use of piracetam critical thing are that the drug is not dangerous and very rarely carries side effects. Among the side effects, we can mention excessive agitation, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fluctuations in blood pressure, increased saliva excretion, or allergic reactions. It turns out that the dose that we can not exceed is up to 500 g. Therefore, an overdose of piracetam is almost impossible.

Of course, the drug should not be used by people who show hypersensitivity to any of its components. In addition, remember that it affects the process of blood clotting. Therefore, be careful with severe hemorrhages, surgical operations, and disorders of homeostasis. Other contraindications include intracerebral hemorrhages, kidney failure, or Huntington’s chorea. In addition, be careful when taking piracetam with supplementation of thyroid drugs. The side effects may include confusion, irritability, and insomnia.

On the other hand, remember to only take piracetam if it is actually indicated. Apart from people with cognitive disorders, dyslexia, and other conditions in which this nootropic drug actually helps, let us reach for it when we really need it. Intense physical exertion, but also required concentration or focus certainly count among such situations.

There is no doubt that piracetam is a drug that can bring us a lot of benefits. It helps people who are ill, having a positive effect on the central nervous system, and fully healthy people, including those who love intense exercise. Not without reason, piracetam found its place in strength sports. Thanks to it, we can improve the efficiency of the body and our sports performance.

That’s why piracetam is now also available in crossthelimits.co.uk. Check our offer for dietary supplements and nutrients. You will indeed find products especially for you, thanks to becoming an even better athlete. Undoubtedly, piracetam is also a safe and effective product for bodybuilders and all who work out in the gym.


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