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Is a fruit and vegetable detox worth it?

Is a fruit and vegetable detox worth it?

A fruit and vegetable detox is based on switching for at least a few days to a diet consisting only of vegetables and some fruits. During the diet, coffee must not be consumed, smoking, eating sweets, and foods high in carbohydrates, even if they are classified as vegetables or fruits, must be abandoned. If your health allows it, the detox also involves stopping some medications.

The main purpose of introducing a diet based on fruits and vegetables for a few days is to improve the functioning of the kidneys and liver, the organs that are responsible for detoxifying the body. According to the assumptions of those involved in developing the principle of detox, during its duration, the body should switch to the mode of internal nutrition, which is supposed to help get rid of harmful substances from the body and potential inflammatory foci or cancer.

Although specialists recommend that a fruit and vegetable detox should last at least 40 days, in fact, its duration is determined individually and can last from a few days to 6 weeks.

Regardless of the duration, the course of the detox is very similar. It should not be approached without proper preparation, which consists of gradually giving up sweets, meat, and sodas. This will allow the body to slowly begin to adapt to the new eating regimen, making it easier and safer to proceed to the actual detox phase.

Vegetables and fruits during the diet can be taken in any way. They can be either cooked or raw, and there is no obstacle to consuming them in the form of juices or cocktails. Detox allows the use of spices, but only in the form of natural herbs – salt must be completely eliminated. It is worth remembering that in order for the detox to be effective, you should not reach for juices from stores, which are filled with preservatives, and very often additionally sweetened.

For the sake of health and safety after finishing to fax, do not immediately return to the previous eating regimen, especially in cases where it was far from the healthy one. The safest solution is to gradually incorporate different types of products into the diet.

Benefits of a fruit and vegetable detox

Detox, which is carried out rationally, with all the rules gives a lot of benefits, primarily in the form of:
– a significant improvement in metabolism,
– expelling unnecessary water from the body,
– cleansing the body, as a result of which the work of organs and excretory systems is improved,
– improvement of the skin condition,- lose a few kilograms and a few centimeters in body circumference.


The most beneficial are fruit and vegetable detoxes lasting several days. They give similar results to those stretching for 40 days but are much healthier and more reasonable. Although fruits and vegetables are healthy and a rich source of many valuable ingredients, it is worth remembering that prolonged detox can lead to serious consequences.
A fruit and vegetable detox should not be used by people with diabetes, because such a diet can lead to dangerous fluctuations in glucose levels. It is also inadvisable for people struggling with various disorders in the work of the digestive system, with which vegetables are poorly tolerated.

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