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10 Most Lethal Elite Special Forces In The World

10 Most Lethal Elite Special Forces In The World

Candidates for commandos have the bar set high. To get into the elite units, they must meet a lot of requirements. The work experience in the army is significant and physical fitness, high resistance to stress, and the ability to act in crisis situations.

How to become a specialist?

Specialists can become not only professional soldiers currently on duty. Former soldiers and officers of other uniformed services and persons who have completed preparatory service to the National Reserve Forces may also apply. The commander must be a physically fit person and characterized by excellent health and mental toughness. Candidates with knowledge of foreign languages, IT, or electronics education are also valued in this case. Candidates who have completed specialized courses (e.g., parachuting or diving) can also count on additional points in the recruitment process. The candidate for a commando must be a person of good repute, have Polish citizenship, and a clean police record. In soldiers serving in other armed forces, transfer to Special Forces does not require them to submit a transfer request addressed to their immediate superior.

Top 10 elite special forces units in the world

There are many units qualified as special forces around the world. Which of them can be considered as the most elite ones?

1.Snow Leopard Commando Unit

The Snow Leopard Commando Unit originates from the People’s Republic of China that gets its unique name from the Arctic wolves, which exhibit great perseverance and the ability to survive even under the most extreme conditions. For many years, it has been subjected to personal training aimed at teaching its members techniques for fighting terrorism. Before joining the Snow Leopard Commando Unit, each recruit must serve in the People’s Armed Police for 1-2 years and then pass physical and psychological tests.

2nd Special Boat Service

The Special Boat Service are elite specialists whose motto is ”not by force, but by deception”. A British unit trained to operate at sea, mainly by boarding and minesweeping ships, recapturing ships, and oil rigs. The Special Boat Service has between 100 and 200 commandos, divided into four squadrons. This is an elite unit, which is extremely difficult to get into. According to the specialists, up to 90% of the candidates for commandos are rejected during the recruitment process. Not surprisingly, not everyone can complete the tough endurance test and a 40 km march, which must be completed in less than 20 hours.


GROM could not be missing from the list of the world’s most elite special forces units. It is named after the Cichociemni Paratroopers of the Home Army. The company has been operating since 1990, and the impulse for its creation was the shooting of two Poles by terrorists in Beirut in retaliation for the Polish government’s assistance in the emigration of Jews from the USSR to Israel. GROM is a particular unit with an extensive range of operations.

4th Delta Force

Delta Force is one of the world’s most recognizable special units. The commandos who are members of the unit are often referred to as operators, and Delta Force cast members as Rangers. The creator of the company is Vietnam War veteran Charles Beckwith. It is one of the best special forces groups when it comes to remaining anonymous.

5. GIGN – Gendarmerie Nationale Intervention Group

The GIGN is a French anti-terrorist unit belonging to the Gendarmerie Nationale. The group has existed since the day of the tragic events during the 1972 Olympic Games, which were held in Munich.

6.SAS – Special Air Service Unit of the British Army

The SAS is one of the oldest special forces units, having been in continuous operation since 1941. The unit currently consists of four teams. Each soldier who is to become part of the unit undergoes very long and grueling training, lasting about 6 years.


7th Specnaz – Special Forces of the Russian Federation

Specnaz is a unit under the authority of the GRU military intelligence service. All of the soldiers who make up the formation are highly trained in combat, some of whom are ruthless in carrying out orders given to them. Members of Specnaz have shown great dedication, as evidenced by the fact that many have died in action.

8th Maroon Berets

The Maroon Berets are the Pakistan Army’s Special Forces Group, named after their distinctive headgear. The special forces group was created to fight terrorism, extremism, and separatism. Candidates undergo grueling training that lasts for 25 weeks.

9th Navy SEALs – United States Navy

Navy SEALs are a unit created by former President John F. Kennedy. The company has taken an active role in nearly every American military action since the Vietnam War.

10th Fuerza de Guerra Naval Especial

The Fuerza de Guerra Naval Especial is a particular Spanish unit that began its operations in 2009. Commandos from the company are trained to fight against terrorism; they also undergo rescue training and blow up hostile facilities. One of the most spectacular actions of the unit took place in 2011 when Fuerza de Guerra Naval Especial rescued a hostage from Somali pirates.

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