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What is this TRX?

What is this TRX?

TRX straps are great for bodybuilding – no wonder they’re becoming more and more popular. TRX was developed during the demanding exercises of US Marines. Now the whole world wants to possess at least a substitute of this knowledge. Of course, they can also be used by amateurs who train at home. However, it is essential to follow specific rules that will minimize the risk of injury. The discussed accessories are also willingly used by professionals – very often, you can meet them in gyms or fitness clubs. Below is a collection of practical information that will undoubtedly be helpful for people with no experience.

What are TRX straps?

At the very beginning, it is worth explaining what TRX bands are and what they are used for. They allow you to train with the weight of your own body. Thanks to them, it is possible to perform strength exercises even in the most challenging conditions. This is an excellent option for those who, for various reasons, can not go to the gym. It is worth noting that the bands are light and handy, plus they do not take up too much space. Nothing prevents you from taking them with you when you travel.

TRX straps are distinguished by their “Y” shape. They are most often made of certified polymer, a material characterized by outstanding strength and resistance to breakage. The advantage is also lightweight. Presented accessories can be used both inside and outside the building. The basis is the correct installation, which largely determines the degree of ergonomics. It is not recommended to attach the straps to unstable structures because it may end with a painful fall.

One end of the belt should be attached to a stable point, and two handles are used during exercise. They are used to suspend arms or legs, and it all depends on the type of exercises performed. There are ready-made sets available for sale, which consist of TRX straps and valuable elements, such as extension straps or those that allow you to mount them on doors; a carry bag. This is a real shot in the arm for those who invest their cash wisely – there is no point in investing in low-quality products that will quickly become damaged.

What is a workout with TRX straps?

TRX training is based on the load placed on the body. It allows you to perform general development exercises that evenly shape your body. An undeniable advantage is that they do not strain the spine or joints, which reduces the risk of serious injury. It is an excellent alternative to advanced machines from gyms, to which not everyone has unlimited access.

Exercises with TRX straps activate many muscle groups simultaneously, including the deep muscles that are directly responsible for stabilizing the body and maintaining proper posture. Correctly performed workouts increase endurance and muscle strength, which reduces the likelihood of overtraining.

On the TRX bands, mainly squats and push-ups are performed. This is an excellent option for beginners who need to get used to a new form of activity. Of course, there are many more possibilities, but everything depends on the level of advancement of the exerciser. Squats with jumping jacks up and triceps are an excellent option. It is estimated that there are about 300 variants of exercises using TRX belts, thanks to which the daily activity will be varied. This will be appreciated by those who complain about monotony.


When should you choose TRX training?

It is known that TRX training will not appeal to everyone, but it is worth getting familiar with. The exercises may seem complicated, but many simple activities will work in almost every case. It is also worth mentioning that it is not only for men! Women have the chance to firm up and shape their figures. People who train on bands can also sculpt and expose their muscles. The priority is to choose the right set of exercises – in case of doubt, it is worth consulting a trainer.

Exercising with TRX straps seems to be an excellent option for those who are particularly prone to injuries of the skeletal system, muscles, or joints. It is a unique variation of strength training that can quickly be done at home or even while traveling.

How to install TRX straps?

As already mentioned, the TRX strap must be attached to a stable point that will provide sufficient support for the body. Otherwise, the structure will not support the load, ending in a painful and even health-threatening fall. The choice of rope suspension must be carefully considered. It is also important to remember that people with higher body weight must mount their belts much higher. Otherwise, it will become impossible to perform the workout. This also applies to tall people.

The best solution is to mount special hooks or pegs in the ceiling. Of course, not everyone can afford it. When planning the load, it is good to include several kilograms of the reserve so that you can be one hundred percent sure that the bands will not disassemble in the least expected moment. TRX ropes can also be used outdoors – in this case, for example, all you need is a metal railing, a trellis, or a tree. An alternative is a TRX strap that has a door holder. It is essential to make sure that the door does not open towards the exerciser.




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