Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn Extreme (limited edition) 21 servings


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Numerous companies can boast a series of products that is still their calling card today. Such a principle also holds true in the dietary supplement market. For example, the Alpha Lion company has created many exciting supplements but is still associated with its iconic Superhuman series of pre-workouts. So it’s not surprising that now and then, new editions of this cult series appear on the market. One such novelty is the Superhuman Burn Extreme pre-workout. What does the Alpha Lion company surprise us with this time?

The manufacturer’s declaration, in this case, is explicit. The pre-workout Superhuman Burn Extreme is supposed to provide all athletes with two powerful effects. The first is a solid boost of energy that will help overcome even the most excellent fatigue and aversion. The second, on the other hand, is a fat-burning supportive effect. That’s why Superhuman Burn Extreme is a perfect solution for people who want to increase their energy levels and, at the same time, take care of sculpting their figure.

Achieving such effects was made possible by combining three unique blends. The first, the Superhuman Performance Matrix, will help you increase your workout capabilities. The second blend, Superhuman Extreme Focus and Martix, will give you energy and help you stay focused during demanding workouts. The third blend, Extreme Thermogenic Matrix, will take care of efficient calorie burning and increase your body’s thermogenic capabilities.

Here are the essential ingredients in each of the blends described:

1. Superhuman Performance Matrix:

– L-Citrulline – Through regular supplementation of citrulline, benefits such as more muscular muscle pump, inhibition of catabolism and increased endurance can be achieved. Each of these aspects plays a vital role during physical activity.

– Beta-alanine – Beta-alanine is the most effective supplement for increasing exercise capacity. This compound improves performance and, at the same time, delays the onset of the so-called muscle collapse. What’s more, these effects have been supported by numerous studies.

– Taurine – Taurine, on the one hand, improves heart function and thus enhances the performance of the entire cardiovascular system. On the other hand, it inhibits catabolic processes occurring in the muscles. Therefore, it perfectly complements the action of this blender.

2. Superhuman Extreme Focus and Martix:

– Choline dihydrate – supplementation of this compound significantly increases the level of acetylcholine in the body. This is a critical neurotransmitter that is responsible, among other things, for the ability to maintain focus and concentration.

– L-tyrosine – tyrosine supports the synthesis of certain hormones and increases the body’s resistance to stress. Thus, it has a very positive effect on the work of the nervous system.

– SantEnergy™ – This is the first of several patented ingredients. The SantEnergy™ formula was created from a plant known as Yerba Santa. Its manufacturer asserts that this formula can, among other things, increase perceived energy levels and improve fat metabolism.

– SXT™ Energy System – SXT™ blend is an advanced blend containing as many as three different types of caffeine (anhydrous caffeine, zumRX™ Extended-Release and zumRX™ Delayed-Release). The mechanism of action here is based on achieving a sustained boost of uniform intensity. Thus, there are no sudden drops in energy.

– Theobromine – Theobromine is a natural alkaloid with stimulating properties. Such effects can improve the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

3. Extreme Thermogenic Matrix:

– MitoBurn™ – the well-known MitoBurn™ formula effectively supports weight loss. Among other things, its action consists of accelerating the oxidation of fatty acids and increasing the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

– Sensoril™ – This patented ingredient contains a high-quality extract of ashwagandha. Interestingly, not many people know that the well-known ashwagandha can support vitality and help with weight loss, all due to its ability to regulate blood sugar levels and curb appetite.

– CapsiMax™ – CapsiMax™ formula contains large amounts of capsaicin, the natural substance responsible for the spicy taste of peppers. Capsaicin speeds up metabolism and further promotes fat burning.

– CaloriBurn GP™ – Grains of Paradise, known for their weight loss support properties, were used to create this formula.

– Black Pepper Extract – The piperine found in black pepper may increase the absorption of other active ingredients.

– ProGBB™ – This compound strongly increases carnitine levels in the body and thus supports fat burning.

– Alfabin™ – the last ingredient contains an extract of the Rauwolfia Vomitoria plant. This plant can lower blood pressure and act as a stimulant due to its Aphrodyne content.


The manufacturer recommends using one product scoop (about 15.3 g) 30 minutes before training.