ATS Labs Alpha MassX 90caps


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ALPHA MASS X is an innovative combination of substances to release growth hormones. As a result, you achieve fat tissue reduction, muscle mass gain and better regeneration after exercise. The product is dedicated to advanced athletes who strive to optimize their performance and the uncompromising appearance of their figure!

The capsules stimulate the production of hormones in a natural source, which allows the natural breakdown of hormones in the body!

Effects include:

faster muscle recovery,
increase in muscle mass
fat reduction
increased strength.


Zinc – a chemical element, transition metal; shows beneficial effects on the condition of bones, skin, hair and nails. In addition, it regulates the function of the pancreas and the circulatory and immune systems.

Vitamin B6 – pyridoxine, a water-soluble substance; participates in carbohydrate, fat and amino acid metabolism. In addition, it influences the functioning of the nervous system, reduces kidney stones and protects the circulatory system.

Magnesium oxide – inorganic chemical compound, alkaline oxide; ensures proper functioning of the nervous system, immune system, kidneys and thyroid gland.

MassX GH boosting blend:

Deer antler velvet – tissue that provides growth and nutrition to deer antlers; increases muscle growth, improves strength and endurance, supports recovery from injury.

Fenugreek – herbaceous plant from the bean family; stimulates muscle growth and tissue regeneration. Thanks to lecithin and phospholipids, it optimizes muscle performance. It regulates the hormonal balance and activates the production of blood cells. Has a strengthening and nourishing effect.

MassX muscle Matrix:

3,5,7-trihydroxy-4-methoxyflavone – a chemical compound from the flavonoid group; increases blood testosterone levels, enhances anabolic processes, builds strength and lowers bad cholesterol.

3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran – a substance obtained from nettle root; its use leads to a reduction in globulin levels and DHT and estrogen levels. It increases the production of testosterone, which results in a boost in physical abilities.

Scabies proper – a plant in the bean family; it is a source of levodopa, a precursor of dopamine. Improves mood and exercise capacity. Supports sexual function.


It is recommended to take one capsule daily. There are 90 servings in a package.