Brawn Nutrition Turkesterone 10% 60 Capsules


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Are you looking for a product that will help you build lean muscle mass and increase strength, vitality and libido? Then, brawn Nutrition Turkesterone 10% is just suitable for you! Get to know the power of turkesterone!

Turkesterone is an extremely important steroid compound belonging to the group of ecdysteroids which occur naturally in nature. This increasingly popular substance is extracted from Ajuga turkesta. The ingredient helps maintain normal blood glucose levels along with the lipid profile. Importantly, it also supports the proper functioning of organs such as the kidneys and liver. In addition, it brings many benefits to our nervous system and overall immunity. Finally, it also facilitates adaptation to mental stress and physical fatigue. 

Its use in sport is justified because it has a significant influence on muscle protein anabolism. It can be compared to testosterone in supporting the growth of lean muscle mass and libido. However, the main difference is that turkesterone does not bind to androgen receptors in any way, which limits the occurrence of potential side effects. It is especially recommended during intensive exercise as it stimulates strength and endurance gains.

The second ingredient in the product is black pepper extract. It supports the proper functioning of the digestive and immune systems. It also optimises the metabolism and absorption of the product and has healing potential – it alleviates colds and infections.


During supplementation, it is recommended to take one tablet of Brawn Nutrition Turkesterone 10% daily.