DNA Lions Mane 60caps


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Do you work daily on your physique and muscles and still feel burned out? Remember that balancing your body requires caring for your mind and nervous system. Now, you can do it with a new formula from DNA Sports. Thanks to it, you can feel the beneficial effects of the adaptogenic mushroom Lion’s Mane.

In the composition of this formula, you will find only two compounds:

– Lion’s Mane extract – Lion’s Mane (also known as Hericium erinaceus or Yamabushitake) is a type of mushroom with a distinctive appearance. It owes its name to this appearance. Preparations containing various extracts from this fungus have become increasingly popular for several years. However, this has its justification. The compounds contained in Lion’s Mane show exciting properties. At the forefront, of course, are their adaptogenic qualities. Lion’s Mane extract can help your body reduce sensitivity to stress and other adverse factors

. Polysaccharides, compounds that strengthen the immune system, are equally beneficial to the body. What’s more, Lion’s Mane also has a beneficial effect on so-called cognitive abilities. Studies have shown that with regular supplementation, the compounds in this mushroom can improve concentration memory and enhance mental abilities. For this reason, the Lion above’s Mane extracts are viral among athletes, active people and people exposed to prolonged mental effort.

– BioPerine™ – the key to effective supplementation is not only the right choice of supplements but also making sure they are highly bioavailable. Of course, in the case of some compounds (e.g. magnesium), this can be done by choosing the best absorbed form. However, this is not possible in the case of plant or fungal extracts. DNA Sports has added a patented formulation called BioPerine™ to its capsules. Its main ingredient is piperine, the best-known substance that can increase the bioavailability of other active compounds. Its proven effect, combined with the high quality of the BioPerine™ formulation, can have a very positive impact on the assimilation and, thus, on the effectiveness of the supplementation.


DNA Sports recommends using only 1 Lion’s Mane capsule daily.