Double-jawed silicone mould for teeth whitening


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Double-jawed silicone  for teeth whitening.

The two-jaw silicone teeth whitening tray is designed for people who dream of a snow-white smile. The product is intended to whiten the upper and lower jaw simultaneously using a single overlay. Thanks to the quick and easy adjustment of the product to the enamel, we can efficiently perform the activity independently at home. The unique two-jaw silicone overlay allows much more precise gel placement, which contributes to more effective and even whitening of teeth. For whitening treatment, we recommend Opalescence gels available in the assortment of our store.

Product Features

-For whitening treatment, you only need one two-teeth overlay (lower and upper arch of teeth )
-Home teeth whitening becomes very simple thanks to the overlay
-The overlay adapts perfectly to the dental arches thanks to the silicone mass
-It allows the gel to reach everywhere and has an optimal effect on the entire teeth
-Made of the highest quality materials

Directions for use

1. Bite the silicone strips placed in the overlay to get a clear reflection of the teeth, which is necessary for better contact of the teeth with the gel

2. Squeeze a thin strip (about 1.5 ml) of whitening gel on both upper and lower silicone strips

3. Place the cap in the mouth and bite down. The treatment lasts depending on the type and concentration of whitening gel used (as recommended by the manufacturer)

4. After the treatment, we rinse the mouth and the overlay with lukewarm water for reuse.