EX4EX Hyperdose DMHA 300g


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If you have been doing strength sports for a long time, you have undoubtedly noticed a critical relationship. At the beginning of a particular training plan, virtually all exercises seem extremely difficult. However, over time you begin to perform them with greater ease. This is the phenomenon of adaptation when the body gets used to the prevailing conditions. A similar principle appears in the matter of supplementation. If you take certain supplements for a long time, the body gradually stops responding to them.

This is especially problematic with pre-workout supplements, which are meant to stimulate the body for the upcoming workout. If you stop experiencing this effect, it’s worth considering changing the supplement. For experienced people, this is a big problem, as they have already tested a dozen or more such nutrients. However, now even such people can find the perfect solution!

Hyper Dose Extreme Pre-Workout conditioner is created for the most demanding people. As a result, its manufacturer has relied on the maximum concentration of many proven active ingredients. Thanks to this, Hyper Dose will provide you with results you don’t expect!

In the composition of this formula, you can find substances such as:

– L-citrulline and citrulline malate – are you looking for a more robust muscle pump and increased endurance? Then you should take citrulline! The effectiveness of this amino acid has been confirmed in many studies, so you can be sure that supplementation will have the desired effect.

– Beta-alanine – beta-alanine is equally effective in the conducted studies. This amino acid will help you increase endurance and speed up recovery after workouts.

– Creatine hydrochloride – the popular creatine is your most important ally in the fight for a sculpted and powerful physique. For this reason, it must not be missing from the supplementation you use.

– N-acetyl-L-tyrosine – this modified form of tyrosine stands out due to its much higher bioavailability. As a result, you can count on much more significant benefits from its use. These, in turn, include improved nervous system function and excellent stress resistance.

– Taurine – is another amino acid that supports muscle function. Furthermore, studies have shown that with regular supplementation, taurine can help improve athletic performance.

– Acetyl-L-carnitine – the famous L-carnitine accelerates lipid metabolism, contributing to faster weight loss. Due to its acetylated form, the effects achieved will be even more significant!

– Anhydrous caffeine – an increase in caffeine tolerance is seen in almost all people who train. Therefore, instead of a traditional espresso, it is worth reaching for a supplement with an anhydrous form of caffeine. This is because it has a more substantial and lasting effect!

– Norvaline – the amino acid known as norvaline has a positive effect on arginine production. It thus enhances muscle pump and increases anabolism in the body.

– DMHA – is a plant-derived stimulating compound; that increases aerobic capacity, sharpens the senses, raises the pain threshold, reduces fatigue and boosts dopamine and noradrenaline levels.

– Green tea extract (98%) and L-theanine – you can find a lot of beneficial substances in green tea leaves. Therefore, the mentioned extract shows vigorous antioxidant activity. In addition, the addition of L-theanine will support sleep quality and recovery.

– Advantra Z® – all the mentioned compounds are plant alkaloids. They have a stimulating effect on our body and also accelerate fat reduction.

– Grape seed extract – tiny grape seeds hide compounds with potent antioxidant properties. Therefore, the extract extracted from such seeds will be a valuable addition to supplementation.

– Black pepper extract (standardized to 95% piperine) – the addition of piperine can significantly increase the absorption of many nutrients.

– Naringenin – this amino acid found in certain fruits supports fat burning by enhancing lipid metabolism.


Mix one scoop of formula (10 g) with water and drink 20-30 minutes before training.