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Core Labs DMHA Power is one of the boosters especially recommended for athletes and other people who undertake regular and intensive exercise. It is a new generation formula based on 2-aminoisoheptane. It has solid stimulating properties, and its effects include reducing fat tissue, improving memory, and improving the pain threshold. In addition, it allows you to exercise more intensively and for longer.

2-amino-6-methyl heptane – a compound also known as 2-aminoisoheptane or octodrine. It has a bronchodilator effect, increases the pain threshold and suppresses the appetite. In addition, thanks to its action on the central nervous system – it increases the concentration of dopamine and noradrenaline. It is also worth mentioning that it improves creativity and removes the feeling of tiredness.

Additional substances can also be found in the composition. For example, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide ensure that the appropriate form of the preparation is maintained. Apart from that, we distinguish:

Magnesium carbonate – a chemical compound that reduces neuronal excitability and takes part in muscle contraction.
Calcium gluconate – a chemical compound responsible for correct nerve-muscle conduction.
Potassium gluconate – potassium salt of D-gluconic acid. Reduces the risk of muscle cramps. It is also an acidity regulator.
Zinc gluconate – a chemical compound, which strengthens the immune system. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.


According to the recommendations, it is best to take one capsule daily, 20 minutes before breakfast. There are 60 doses in the package.