Scitec Nutrition Jumbo 4400G


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Scitec Jumbo is a gainer, a protein and carbohydrate supplement that helps build mass and strength. Its high-quality composition and innovative formula guarantee fast results. However, providing necessary ingredients from food is sometimes too complicated, and inadequate nourishment may lack effects.

The gainer consists of fast- and slow-releasing carbohydrates and fast-acting whey protein. JUMBO is a composition of the best ingredients available on the market

Whey protein is easily assimilable, providing a dose of high-quality amino acids that cannot be supplied from food.

6-CARB Matrix – a set of carbohydrates, among which we distinguish:
palatinose – a unique carbohydrate with a low glycaemic index, ensuring a slow release of energy into the bloodstream,
oat flour – a rich source of dietary fiber (with vitamins and minerals),
Virgo – Swedish barley starch, increasing absorption and energy potential,
maltodextrin – polymers of glucose, thanks to which glucose is evenly distributed in the bloodstream,
dextrose – a simple sugar that immediately increases energy levels,
fructose – natural fruit sugar.

JUMBO™ Size Anabolic Matrix – a blend of the most effective anabolic substances, which include:
CREA-BOMB – 6 forms of creatine, which is the most vital permitted anabolic substance; enhances protein synthesis, stimulates strength gains, causes hydration of muscle cells,
G-BOMB – 4 forms of glutamine, one of the most vital substances protecting muscles,
BCAA XPRESS – a complex of 3 branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine), which regenerate and protect muscles,
HEMO-NO – 3 forms of nitric oxide precursors of NO, stimulating the secretion of nitric oxide in the body; it accelerates blood circulation and its nutritional and regenerative properties towards muscles.

Magnesium and essential amino acids – to eliminate fatigue

Jumbo by Scitec Nutrition comes in flavors:
chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cococcino

Scitec Jumbo is enough for 20 servings.

Suggested serving:

220g. Mix 4 scoops of powder with 400ml of water.
This pack contains 4400g of product.
Do not exceed the suggested serving size.