Gorilla Alpha Alien Juice 300g


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Gorilla Alpha Alien Juice is pure energy in the form of a tasty pre-workout available in various flavours. With Gorilla Alpha Alien Juice, you’ll experience increased focus during training and noticeably improved athletic performance. Are you striving for maximum performance, true workout satisfaction and faster performance improvement? Then, this product is recommended for you! Now a pre-workout in a special cosmic edition!


Beta-alanine – a protein-building amino acid; increases carnosine levels, enhances muscle contractility, aids muscle recovery and enables more intense workouts. In addition, it eliminates fatigue and improves the efficiency of the body.

L-tyrosine – a protein-building amino acid; essential for the production of the neurotransmitters dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline. Participates in the synthesis of collagen. It improves mood and increases alertness.

Alpha GPC – a choline compound with high bioavailability; promotes cognitive and motor skills. In addition, it provides a regeneration booster for damaged nerve cells.

Caffeine Anhydrous – caffeine is devoid of water and chemicals; it stimulates the nervous system, increases focus, enhances thermogenesis, and increases strength and endurance.

Extract from Eria jarensis, a substance with a strong stimulating effect, is considered a perfect substitute for DMAA; it improves cognitive abilities and increases noradrenaline concentration.

Amento Pump – an innovative blend of plant extracts that increases strength, improves mood and provides a powerful muscle pump.

African Kigelia – a plant from the bignonia family, also known as sausage tree; it exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties and aids recovery after exercise.

Citicoline – an organic chemical compound composed of choline, cytosine, ribose and pyrophosphate; is a precursor of the cell membrane building block phosphatidylcholine. It has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, supports cognitive and cognitive functions, and helps to better cope with oxidative stress.

Bitter orange – a plant from the Rutaceae family; it boosts metabolism and lipolysis, suppresses appetite and accelerates fat burning.

Hordenine – an organic compound from the group of phenethylamine alkaloids; increases the concentration of dopamine and norepinexxrine, increases the level of energy and motivation to act, regulates mood, and positively affects aerobic capacity.

Pink Himalayan salt – rock salt obtained in the Himalayas and Karakorum; its colour comes from the presence of iron oxide in its composition. It regulates blood pressure and water balance, strengthens the immune system, and supports the digestive and respiratory systems.

Caffeine citrate – an organic chemical compound of caffeine and citric acid; supports the work of the respiratory system and increases the aerobic capacity of the body. In addition, it helps regulate blood sugar levels and stimulates adrenaline production.

Infinergy (Di-Caffeine Malate) – a compound of caffeine and malic acid; enhances energy and focus, boosts metabolism and improves cognitive abilities.

Astragal – a blend of extracts from false ginseng and membranous astragalus; increases insulin sensitivity and nutrient absorption.

Vitamin B3 – niacin, a compound of nicotinic acid and amide; helps maintain energy metabolism, lowers cholesterol, reduces fatigue, and synthesizes sex hormones.

Huperzine A – extract from the Chinese moss Huperzia Serrata; inhibits neurodegradative processes, supports cognitive function, and increases strength and endurance.


Gorilla Alpha Alien Juice is a powder to make a drink. It is recommended to mix one scoop of the product (7.5 g) with 300 ml of water. The drink should be drunk 20 minutes before exercise. People who have been taking the product for a long time and require a higher dose of energy can dissolve two scoops (15 g) of the product in 500 ml of water.