Hi-Tech Testosterone 21 120ct


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TESTOSTERONE 21® is an excellent testosterone booster that provides a potent formula that maximises testosterone production and increases strength and performance! The procedure will help build lean muscle mass, improve endurance and increase libido. The ideal product for active men! Thanks to TESTOSTERONE 21®, you will feel like a genuinely divine energy has entered you!

Tongkat Ali – an Asian plant also known as Malaysian ginseng. It positively affects hormonal balance by increasing testosterone availability, libido levels and overall body performance. It has the effect of increasing strength and energy and supports the building of lean muscle mass. Improves sexual performance and fertility. Promotes well-being and relieves fatigue and stress.

Fadogia agrestis – a tropical plant from the marzanaceae family, native to Africa. There is as much as 1200 mg of it per serving in TESTOSTERONE 21®. Fadogia Agrestus is an ingredient well-known in the industry for improving testosterone levels in the male body. Interestingly, the first positive effects can often be counted on after just five days of regular use of TESTOSTERONE 21®. This ingredient raises the testosterone level in the blood and can also positively translate into recovery after intensive physical effort (including, for example, training at the gym). It increases libido and supports sexual performance.

Ashwagandha extract – an adaptogenic plant that reduces the destructive effects of stress. It supports the nervous and immune systems and reduces the feeling of fatigue. Properties that reduce the amount of cortisol in the body affect testosterone growth.
Zinc – this element is thought to strengthen the body’s overall immunity and improve academic performance. When used regularly, zinc can also alleviate the symptoms of osteoporosis and gastrointestinal diseases (including, for example, inflammatory bowel disease, haemorrhoids or ulcers).


TESTOSTERONE 21® is a preparation that – when combined with a complete and balanced diet, regular exercise or healthy sleep – has a perfect effect on the body. It provides a beautiful energy boost, making us feel as if we are 21 years old again! Of course, the results will be visible with proper dosage, which is as follows: 2 tablets two times a day with meals. Optimal effectiveness should be felt within 1-3 weeks.