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Psycho Pharma Infinite Brain

Specialists in neurology and psychology have made many fascinating discoveries in recent years. Thanks to them, scientists have gained a much greater understanding of how our nervous system functions. One of the most exciting discoveries was the relationship between brain activity and energy consumption. Research shows that our brain almost always strives to conserve its resources. As a result, only the so-called willpower can make us proceed with a task despite our reluctance. Moreover, our brains will feel fatigued long before an actual energy shortage.

What does it mean in practice? Unfortunately, all the dependencies described above can affect the much lower efficiency of our work. They make us tire much faster, and we lose the will to complete specific projects. Is it possible to reverse this dependence? The Psycho Pharma group has made such an assumption. This company is a renowned manufacturer of dietary supplements and nootropics. In the assortment of this brand, you can find a unique preparation called Infinite Brain. Its operation is based on a simple principle. Infinite Brain will help you use the full potential of your brain!

The composition of this supplement is based on a combination of B vitamin complex and substances known as nootropics. You can find ingredients in Infinite Brain such as:

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCL) – the role of vitamin B6 comes down primarily to participating in processes related to amino acid synthesis. This means that a pyridoxine deficiency could adversely affect, for example, the production of serotonin, one of the so-called ‘happy hormones. Scientists have shown that too low a supply of vitamin B6 is associated with an increased risk of depression and insomnia. Therefore, it is worth taking care of a sufficiently high collection of this valuable compound.

Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) – when it comes to vitamin B12, it plays an equally important role in the functioning of our body. This is because methylcobalamin is involved in the synthesis of certain hormones and the formation of new cells. Interestingly, this compound has a significant impact on our cognitive abilities. Studies have shown that vitamin B12 can improve concentration and reduce fatigue. It is, therefore, a valuable ingredient in the Infinite Brain.

Taurine – there is a reason why taurine is often put next to caffeine. After all, both of these substances have a direct effect on our nervous system. The most exciting property of taurine is that it improves the metabolism of glial cells. This, in turn, provides benefits to the neurons themselves as well. Not surprisingly, researchers have shown a correlation between increased taurine intake and improved cognitive performance.

AlphaSize™ (Alpha-GPC) – Choline alphoscerate, also known as Alpha-GPC, is a unique form of choline with very high bioavailability. Regular intake of this compound provides several health benefits, such as increased brain cell regeneration, enhanced growth hormone synthesis, and improved cognitive abilities. Importantly, AlphaSize™ is a patented supplement that involves the standardization of the finished product. Thus, the content of pure Alpha-GPC here is at least 50%.
Canna Extract (Sceletium tortuosum) – Canna is a plant found in South Africa. Interestingly, local tribes have long been taking advantage of its health-promoting properties. After studying canna, scientists found that it contains several unique active substances that affect the functioning of our brains. The extract from this plant can help to achieve a state of relaxation and release excess negative emotions. There are also reports that canna has positive effects on cognitive abilities.

Citicoline (choline-CDP) – Choline, or vitamin B4, is further evidence that B vitamins have a massive impact on our bodies. This compound is involved in numerous processes related to essential life functions. During these processes, choline is converted to other forms, including cytokine. Research has shown that cytokine increases the number of dopamine receptors in the brain. This makes it easier and faster to feel joy and satisfaction.

Caffeine anhydrous – the stimulating properties of caffeine are known worldwide. However, the anhydrous version of this compound is a much more practical solution. It allows you to get the extra energy you need in seconds!

Infienergy™ (caffeine malate) – Caffeine malate, the main ingredient in Infienergy™, is another modified form of the most famous stimulant. A characteristic feature of caffeine malate is its high level of bioavailability. This means it can provide much better results than other caffeine supplements.

L-theanine – L-theanine contained in green tea is an exciting compound. Scientists have shown that it is relaxing and is often used to treat mild insomnia. In addition, regular intake of L-theanine supplements can significantly reduce perceived stress and tension.

Noopept – a synthetic compound called noopept can help anyone struggling with mood disorders. Tests have confirmed its effectiveness in reducing symptoms associated with so-called affective vacillation. In addition, noopept reduces the symptoms of neurosis and concussions.

Bitter orange extract – bitter orange fruits contain substances commonly used as “fat burners.” However, some compounds of this type also affect brain function. As a result, bitter orange extract can improve mood and overall well-being.

Aphrodyne HCL – Aphrodyne extract has a noticeable effect on the human nervous system. Taking this formula has been linked to, among other things, higher levels of perceived energy, better mood, and increased libido.

Huperzine A – another active substance of plant origin is huperzine A. Researchers ascribe its numerous health-promoting properties. Huperzine A is said to noticeably improve memory and enhance cognitive abilities. Some even say that it prevents some of the adverse effects associated with the ageing process.


The manufacturer recommends taking one dose of the product daily (approximately 4 grams). The portion can be measured with the help of a teaspoon included in the package. The powder should be thoroughly mixed with a glass of water and consumed immediately after preparation.