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Unleash your full potential at the gym with Insane Labz’s “Psychotic”, a potent pre-workout and fat-burner supplement designed for serious athletes. Crafted to deliver energy, heightened focus, and increased stamina, “Psychotic” is ideal for bodybuilders, powerlifters, and anyone dedicated to intense workout regimes. 

“Psychotic” by Insane Labz is not just another pre-workout; it’s a comprehensive formula combining ingredients designed to push athletic performance to the edge. Here’s a deeper look at what each component brings to the table:

Beta-Alanine: This non-essential amino acid is crucial for synthesizing carnosine, which acts as a buffer against muscle lactic acid accumulation. Doing so helps delay muscle fatigue and failure, particularly during short to medium-duration high-intensity workouts. Regular supplementation with beta-alanine can improve muscular endurance and contribute to lean muscle mass.

Creatine Monohydrate: One of the most researched and proven supplements in sports nutrition, creatine monohydrate is renowned for its ability to regenerate the body’s primary source of energy—ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This means more energy for cell function during high-intensity, short-duration exercises like lifting and sprinting, leading to performance improvements such as increased power, strength, and muscle size.

Caffeine Anhydrous: A dehydrated form of caffeine, more potent per gram than its water-containing counterpart. It rapidly stimulates the central nervous system, warding off fatigue and enhancing focus. It’s also been shown to increase metabolic rate and fat oxidation, making it a dual threat as a performance enhancer and a fat-loss aid.

AMPiberry® (Juniperus Communis): Derived from juniper berries, AMPiberry® is known for its ability to smooth out the stimulatory effects of caffeine and other stimulants, thereby reducing the crash or jitters often associated with high-caffeine products. It may also support blood flow and provide a well-rounded synergy with other components.

OxyGold® (Fulvic Acid): Fulvic acid is a natural compound found in the earth’s soil and humus that has been shown to improve the bioavailability of nutrients. The inclusion of OxyGold® could potentially enhance the overall efficacy of the supplement by increasing the absorption rates of other ingredients.

Dimethylethanolamine (DMAE): A compound thought to protect and enhance brain function, DMAE is included for its cognitive-enhancing properties. It’s linked to improved mental clarity, focus, and memory.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract: This extract is standardized for its content of Aphrodyne, a compound that is similar to Aphrodyne. It is often used for its potential to aid in fat loss and is also believed to help with mental focus and energy, particularly useful during intense training sessions.

Huperzine Serrata Standardized Extract: A cognitive enhancer that works by increasing the levels of acetylcholine—a neurotransmitter necessary for learning, memory, and muscle contractions. This extract could be the key to maintaining mental sharpness during a gruelling workout.

With “Psychotic,” the synergy between these ingredients aims to provide a well-rounded boost to various aspects of your performance. Whether it’s the endurance from beta-alanine, the power from creatine, the alertness from caffeine, or the focus from Huperzine, this product is formulated to ensure that every scoop takes you a step closer to your peak performance.

Directions for Use:

Mix one scoop with 8-12 oz of water and consume 30 minutes before training. Beginners should start with a half scoop to assess tolerance levels.