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American Metabolix

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American Metabolix Keto MCT is a powder containing medium-chain-triglycerides triglycerides for short, MCT. MCTs are absorbed unchanged directly into the liver, where they are used as an energy source. The latest formula contains MCT divided into 74% C8, 10% C10 and 1% C6. The powder form is much better tolerated by the body than the liquid form. American Metabolix Keto MCT powder is neutral in taste, which facilitates the use of the product along with food and cocktails.

Unlike MCT Oil, MCT Oil Powders is easily digestible and has a smooth creamy consistency so you can easily add it to your favorite drink. The supplement allows you to use calories from triglycerides in the first place, protecting your muscles from catabolism. Affects the proper use of glycogen. MCTs are absorbed directly into the portal vein and are also recommended for people with impaired fat metabolism. Medium chain fatty acids are used differently than typical fats. They do not require bile or enzymes for the digestion process. They are absorbed into the body very quickly and undergo metabolic processes. Consumption of MCT promotes the production of ketone bodies, which are considered a source of easily available energy.

PURE ACACIA FIBER – the producer uses prebiotic acacia fiber as a carrier, which is a strong probiotic, promoting healthy intestines.

MCT CONTENT – C8 (74%), C10 (24%) and C6 (1%) derived from coconut oil

MCT powder does not contain maltodextrins or any food additives or fillers. The addition of stevi provides a slightly sweet taste. We recommend as an addition to bulletproof coffee so. bulletproof coffee. The perfect solution for people on a carbohydrate diet. Consuming coffee with the addition of Keto MCT will reduce your appetite while increasing the flow of energy.

For synergy, combine with American Metabolix Ketogenic Diet Aid 60 caps.


1 scoop a day