Kilo Labs Supreme Pre-Workout 375g


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What kind of action should the ideal pre-workout supplement have? Here is an excellent example of a question to which there is not just one answer. After all, every athlete has expectations regarding the performance of a pre-workout. Some rely on a clean kick in the form of a solid dose of extra energy. The most important thing for others is a more robust, prolonged, intense muscle pump. In addition to this, everyone counts on a pre-workout to help them achieve better and better sports results.

The above-described desires of athletes became an essential determinant for Kilo Labs, which decided to create a unique supplement. Why does the Supreme Pre-Workout nutrient deserve to be called unique? Because its action concerns practically all the aspects mentioned above! The composition of this nutrient is based on two proprietary blends – Explosive Stim Matrix and Performance and Pump Matrix. The former is responsible for adding energy as well as reducing perceived fatigue. The second, however, is designed to help improve athletic performance and increase the intensity of the muscle pump felt. So can you dream up a better combination?

Here is a list of the essential active ingredients responsible for the beneficial effects of both blends:

1. Explosive Stim Matrix:

– Anhydrous caffeine – caffeinated drinks are the most common remedy for fatigue and lack of energy. However, a much more practical alternative has emerged in dietary supplements. Anhydrous caffeine provides an even more potent effect and can be used virtually anywhere and anytime.
– 2-aminoisoheptane (DMHA) – athletes with extensive experience taking pre-workout supplements are undoubtedly familiar with DMHA. This stimulating compound has become a worthy successor to DMAA. According to many, it is a substance that can provide a very noticeable stimulant effect. In addition, DMHA complements the effect of caffeine well, which is essential, especially for people with a high tolerance to stimulants.
– Theobromine-stimulating properties also characterize theobromine, although its effect is much weaker against the background of the compounds described above. However, its added value is accelerating the work of the cardiovascular system and causing the dilation of blood vessels. This, in turn, makes the action of theobromine very beneficial for athletes.
– Huperzine – the main advantage of huperzine is its effect on the nervous system. This compound can increase the concentration of acetylcholine in the brain and stimulate specific receptors that play a vital role during exercise.

2 Performance and Pump Matrix:

– Citrulline malate – when someone talks about muscle pump and supplementation, the first association should be citrulline. It is a substance that increases the intensity of the muscle pump. In addition, it promotes an increase in muscular endurance, which translates into the ability to perform longer and more intense workouts.
– Beta-alanine – however, when it comes to the muscle above endurance, few compounds can match beta-alanine. This amino acid has been regarded as the most effective solution for increasing the body’s exercise capacity for years. Moreover, numerous studies have confirmed such an effect, thanks to which beta-alanine enjoys the title of one of the best-researched dietary supplements.
– Betaine anhydrous – the most well-known property of betaine is its effect on reducing cysteine levels in the blood. However, the effect of this substance on the circulatory system is much broader, as betaine supports its functioning. Thus, it contributes to a more robust and longer muscle pump.
– HydroPrime™ – the patented HydroPrime™ formulation contains pure glycerol. This compound prevents dehydration, as it increases temporary water retention in muscles. In addition, glycerol has a very positive effect on the perceived muscle pump. Therefore, it could not be missing from the composition of Supreme Pre-Workout.
– Coconut powder – compounds contained in coconut show vigorous antioxidant activity. Thanks to this, they can help the body fight off water radicals, which also translates into more effective muscle recovery. In addition, some of the compounds found in such a powder will further support muscle pumps.


Mix one scoop of the product (about 15 g) with water and drink 20-30 minutes before the start of your scheduled workout.