Ko-kalabz Pump Gummies 30 servings(PUMP PRE-WORKOUT)


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Koka Labz has already proven time and time again that it can genuinely surprise its customers with its out-of-the-box approach to supplementation. The brand’s range has featured several product series broken with rigid ideas about supplementation. Life is not always about strict rules – sometimes it’s more important to have fun! An example of such a series is the famous Koka Labz Gummies jellies, filled with beneficial supplements. Now you can go back to your childhood days when jelly beans accompanied you every day, but at the same time, you will still support your body in the fight for the best possible figure. This is a 21st-century combination of sports supplementation.

The Koka Labz Gummies range includes a variety of jellies. However, the Pump variety has a reasonably clear application. Its purpose is to increase the intensity of the muscle pump created with every solid workout. Koka Labz has encapsulated four active substances in its inconspicuous jellies to provide this effect. Between them, there is a so-called synergy, i.e. maximisation of the benefits resulting from the simultaneous action of several compounds. As a result, your muscle pump can enter a new level of intensity, and you will gain new training possibilities. Sound good? Then remember to try this product!

What exactly is in the composition of these inconspicuous gels? Here are the four active ingredients mentioned:

– Augments sulphate – Augments is a natural compound found in our bodies. It is often categorised as one of the so-called neurotransmitters, as it is involved in transmitting nerve impulses. However, Augments sulphate is a compound that can provide benefits from another aspect. Well, it effectively blocks the activity of compounds limiting the synthesis of nitric oxide. As a result, nitric oxide levels begin to rise in the body, and as we know, it is crucial for an intense muscle pump. This is why Augments sulphate is very popular among people who want a more robust, longer-lasting pump.

– Oil-rich in arachidonic acid (40%) – anyone with basic dietetics knows about omega acids’ beneficial effects on our body. The very name “omega acids” encompasses various substances, and one of these is arachidonic acid. It has a beneficial impact on muscle function. In studies carried out, it has been shown that it can support the processes involved in muscle hypertrophy and also help to improve athletic performance. There are also hypotheses related to the possible influence of this acid on a more intense muscle pump sensation.

– Hesperidin – the health-promoting properties of hesperidin are not only known to those interested in bodybuilding. Hesperidin is one of the most commonly used supplements to support the cardiovascular system. This is, of course, due to its properties. Hesperidin’s main asset is that it prevents blood clotting. On the one hand, this protects against the formation of blood clots and, on the other hand, supports blood flow and, thus, the transport of nutrients. In addition, hesperidin can strengthen the structure of blood vessels and protect them from damage. Both of these effects also have a positive impact on the perceived muscle pump.

– Pine bark extract – pine bark may seem like a rather strange supplement. However, such a perception is not justified. It is worth knowing that this bark contains many health-promoting compounds. These include, for example, numerous antioxidants which help the body fight free radicals. Other compounds, in turn, show positive effects on the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, studies have shown that pine bark extract is another supplement that can effectively increase nitric oxide levels in the body. As such, it perfectly complements the effects of the other ingredients contained in Koka Labz Pump Gummies.


Koka Labz Pump Gummies jellies, like other supplements designed to increase muscle pump intensity, should be consumed approximately 20-30 minutes before training. Koka Labz recommends taking 1 or 2 jellies at a time, depending on your needs. This should provide the expected results of a more robust muscle pump.