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Kevin Levrone is undoubtedly a well-known figure in bodybuilding and, according to many people, even a sports legend. His physique continues to impress strength sports enthusiasts to this day. Kevin has also always been famous for his tremendous work ethic. He is referred to as the Maryland Muscle Machine for good reason.

So it’s no surprise that Levrone followed in the footsteps of his many colleagues and began working on his brand of nutritional supplements. One of the first products signed with his image is a pre-workout, named after his nickname. The product is Levrone Gold Maryland Muscle Machine. So what is worth knowing about this supplement?

Levrone, as a professional bodybuilder, knows well what people who train at the gym need. That’s why the Maryland Muscle Machine pre-workout can provide full support to the body just before the planned workout starts—all thanks to a carefully selected blend of active compounds with proven effects. There is no room here to list a dozen different substances. The composition of this nutrient is short and contains just a few combinations with a very high action potential. All this is to help you achieve your goals more quickly!

What substances can be found in the composition of this formula? Here is their complete list:

– Citrulline malate – the benefits of regular supplementation with citrulline malate can be extremely important for all athletes. Let’s start with the fact that citrulline significantly affects muscle function. Researchers distinguish several mechanisms here. On the one hand, it can reduce the sensation of so-called muscle soreness. On the other hand, citrulline improves the work of muscle fibres and thus increases their endurance. In addition, people supplementing with citrulline can count on a much more intense muscle pump.

– Beta-alanine – bodybuilding legends repeat that success requires sacrifices and spending long hours in the gym. However, our muscle fibres have a specific endurance, so it should consistently be increased gradually. In addition to a tailored training plan, beta-alanine can also help. This compound can effectively delay the onset of lactic acid in the muscles. In addition, beta-alanine increases the level of carnosine in muscle fibres. Both described mechanisms are directly related to increased endurance and delaying the moment of so-called muscle collapse. Thus, it is a valuable support for people who like to train for a long time and at high intensity.

– L-arginine AAKG – arginine alpha-ketoglutarate is sometimes referred to as an improved form of arginine. However, this has its justification. AAKG has a more prolonged and more intense effect on the body. As a result, it can provide more impressive effects from supplementation. This is important because arginine is one of the critical compounds for forming a muscle pump. Higher arginine levels are associated with increased intensity of this effect. Therefore, AAKG supplementation can bring significant benefits to gym-goers.

– Betaine anhydrous – the feeling mentioned above of a muscle pump is related, among other things, to the effect of blood vessel dilation. When it comes to blood circulation itself, betaine can be an essential supplement here. This is because this compound reduces the level of unfavourable homocysteine. Thus, it comprehensively supports the work of the circulatory system. Betaine can thus promote that muscles are efficiently supplied with oxygen and other necessary substances.

– Caffeine anhydrous – Caffeine, as a compound in coffee and tea, is taken daily by millions worldwide. As a result, many people have already developed tolerance in the body to its effects, making the feeling of stimulation much less intense. Therefore, for more muscular stimulation, it is worth reaching for a supplement containing another form of caffeine, which is its anhydrous form. Anhydrous caffeine works more effectively, and the stimulating effect after taking it lasts longer. Therefore, it can be an ideal alternative for athletes who like to feel an extra energy boost before training.


The recommended single dose of Levrone Gold Maryland Muscle Machine is the equivalent of 1 scoop (approximately 8.75 g). The serving should be mixed with water and drunk 20-30 minutes before training.