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Lipodrene Hardcore® is precisely what the name says it is – Hardcore Lipodrene®. You take Lipodrene® and then tweak it with cutting-edge tablet technology so that it blasts you faster and lasts longer. It’s off-the-chain Lipodrene®! Lipodrene Hardcore® is a Hi-Tech weight loss and energy enhancement supplement designed to quench the “hard to please” dieter’s thirst! In addition, Lipodrene Hardcore® includes “rapid release” and “extended-release” technology. These two technologies are why Lipodrene Hardcore® provides such a rapid, long-lasting, no-crash stimulant feeling.
As you can see, Lipodrene® Hardcore has weight loss and energy enhancement locked down with an impeccable, diverse ingredient profile that contains only state-of-the-art ingredients designed to provide you with precisely what you need to launch a multi-directional attack on getting ripped up. As a result, Lipodrene® Hardcore is Hi-Tech’s most densely-dosed, jam-packed, jacked-up, hardcore diet aid and stimulant energizer yet!

Citrus Aurantium – bitter orange is not an edible fruit, but it is an excellent source of vitamin C, the amount in the extract can reach even 42%. Bitter oranges are much richer than just vitamin C and antioxidants, such as bioflavonoids and hesperidin.

Cassia Nomame Extract – modern phytochemical studies have shown that Cassia nymph contains many types of phenols, in particular various catechins, such as (2s) -3 ‘, 4’, 7-trihydroxy-flavan- (4’8) -catechin, (2s ) -3 ‘, 4’, 7-trihydroxy-flavan- (4’8) -catechin, etc. Catechins are natural inhibitors of lipase that reduce the amount of fat absorbed by the body, keep fat molecules in the gastrointestinal tract and make them undigested and blocked in the bloodstream. Cassia Nomination also acts as a natural diuretic and provides a thermogenic effect that stimulates the burning of fat cells in the body. Due to all these properties, it effectively helps in losing weight. The Cassia extract used in food supplements comes from aboveground parts (including leaves, stems and seeds).

Naringin-naringin belongs to the group of flavonoids, is naturally obtained from the grapefruit fruit and is responsible for its bitter sma. The compound has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are helpful in the prevention and control of obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus. Naringin effectively suppresses your appetite so you can get rid of unwanted pounds even faster.

Evodiamine – Evodiamine is a substance of natural origin obtained during extraction from the Wu Zhu Yu plant. The mechanism of its action is based on the stimulation of vanilloid receptors, which leads to increased heat production – thermogenesis and, consequently, higher energy expenditure and faster fat burning.

Yerba mate extract – the source of theobromine is a compound known from the popular yerba mate, showing diuretic action, which helps in getting rid of excess water from the body, masking the effects of reducing body fat. In this way, it directly affects increases the aesthetics of the body by maximizing muscle definition. In combination with caffeine, theobromine also has a thermogenic effect, accelerating the reduction of adipose tissue.

Theobroma Cocoa Extract-theobromine contained in cocoa beans, already taken in small doses, causes the blood vessels to widen in the brain. Consequently, it might improve blood circulation, the nutrition of this organ, and its functioning.


One capsule twice a day.