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The body accumulates fat over the years. Therefore, people planning to reduce weight must know it will also take time to remove the excess fat. The key to success is to set yourself a realistic goal and work towards it by working out systematically. Apart from training and diet, supplements can also help in burning fat. Burn from Nutra Innovations is an excellent example of that.

It is based on a remarkable thermogenic formula that raises body temperature and thus facilitates fat burning. This effect further enhances the benefits of physical activity. All that will take your fight with excess weight to a new level!

The composition of the Burn burner includes:

– Vitamin B3 (niacin) – Vitamin B3, sometimes called vitamin PP, plays a significant role in many metabolic processes. Importantly, its action includes combining and breaking down fatty acids. Therefore, adequate niacin levels are significant during weight reduction.

– L-carnitine L-tartrate – the use of L-carnitine is a basic form of supplementation for people fighting excess weight. This is due to the properties of this compound, as L-carnitine enhances the burning of fatty acids and, at the same time, supports the body’s thermogenesis. What’s essential is that Nutra Innovations relies on L-carnitine tartrate, which is much more bioavailable compared to other forms.

– L-tyrosine – how our body functions depends mainly on synthesising certain hormones. This is why L-tyrosine, which acts as a precursor of such compounds, has attracted the attention of researchers. For example, the action of tyrosine supports the synthesis of adrenaline and noradrenaline, two hormones responsible for the state of arousal and readiness for fight or flight (fight-of-flight response). In addition, L-tyrosine also increases the synthesis of certain hormones responsible for fat metabolism.

– Anhydrous caffeine – most people in the world take natural caffeine every day, which is contained, e.g. in coffee beans and tea leaves. However, scientists managed to isolate this substance a long time ago. As a result, anhydrous caffeine was created, a compound used in various dietary supplements. The anhydrous form of caffeine acts much faster and provides a more intense stimulation effect.

– Choline choline digestate is a compound naturally occurring in human bodies. It has an essential function, a precursor of acetylcholine, responsible for expanding blood vessels and regulating heart function. Choline can also support specific cognitive processes (such as memory and concentration).

– Extract from Jiaogulan leaves (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) – the compounds contained in the leaves of this oriental plant have stimulating effects. In studies conducted, it has been proven that they can lower cholesterol and also reduce blood sugar levels. Both of these effects are most likely due to the influence of the described compounds on carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Therefore, using Jiaogulan may be an ideal solution for people struggling with excess weight.

– N-phenethyl-dimethylamine (Eria Jarensis) – an inconspicuous plant from the orchid family, has turned out to be a natural phenomenon in dietary supplements. All because the compounds contained in Eria Jarensis have a strong stimulating effect. The critical role here is N-phenethyl-dimethylamine, which strongly stimulates the body and provides euphoric effects. No wonder Nutra Innovations has taken advantage of this plant’s properties.

– L-theanine – the beneficial effects of green tea are not only due to its high antioxidant content. Equally important is the presence of an active substance, namely L-theanine. It has a strong sedative effect, so it is often used in cases of severe stress and problems with falling asleep. However, L-theanine also has another attractive property. Studies have shown it can lower triglyceride levels and reduce fat deposits around the organs.

– CaloriBurn™ (Grains of Paradise extract) – CaloriBurn™ is a patented formula based on “seeds of paradise”. These are seeds extracted from Aframon, a tree found on the African continent. Recent studies have confirmed that Grains of Paradise extract improves metabolism and reduces fat absorption. CaloriBurn™ is standardized to contain at least 12.5% of the active ingredient (6-Paradol).

– ProGBB™ – GBB stands for gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) ethyl ester and betaine. This compound facilitates transport and increases the absorption of nutrients. It is also a precursor of L-carnitine, which is why its supplementation increases the level of this substance in the body.

– BioPerine™ (black pepper fruit extract) – low absorption of many nutrients proves to be a severe obstacle during supplementation. Fortunately, compounds contained in black pepper can increase such absorption. That’s why the Burn burner has a patented preparation, BioPerine™. Its presence contributes to improving the effectiveness of the supplementation used.

– Rauvolfia vomitoria extract – Aphrodyne is an alkaloid found mainly in the bark of Aphrodyne, but it can also be found in other plants. The action of this compound is based on increasing fat-burning intensity and supporting the synthesis of adrenaline and noradrenaline. The Rauvolfia vomitoria extract is standardized to contain at least 90% Aphrodyne.


The manufacturer recommends starting supplementation with one scoop (about 4.8 grams) of the product about 30 minutes before training. Only after a noticeable increase in body tolerance can the dose be increased to 2 scoops (approximately 9.6 grams). Then, mix the measured amount with a glass of water.