Olympus Labs AlphaBulk 30 servings

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Olympus Labs USA

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Olympus Labs AlphaBulk is an advanced dietary supplement that, with its action, can transform your body! This is because it is a powerful booster dedicated to all athletes and gym enthusiasts who strive to achieve perfect form and impeccable physiques. The product should maximize the vascular pump and take strength and muscle mass to a higher level. And all by targeting visible support of protein synthesis!

Let’s take a look at the formula’s composition:

α-cedrene 70% – one of the active ingredients of cedar oil extracted from Virginia cedar. It exhibits properties that allow it to increase skeletal muscle mass and strength.

α-Ionone 80%-an aromatic compound from the ionone family, found in various essential oils and fruits (such as raspberries). Interestingly, it is a potent stimulator of myogenesis, creating new myocytes (muscle cells). The agent prevents muscular atrophy, protecting skeletal muscles from degradation.

PhytoFUSE – a substance extracted from a highly standardized extract of black ginger root. The ingredient is a powerful methoxyflavone that promotes skeletal muscle hypertrophy. The result is a larger diameter of the myotube or muscle fibre precursor. It maximizes protein synthesis and nitrogen retention and promotes anabolic effects. We are mainly talking about cranked-up endurance and muscle recovery. It supports the achievement of lean body mass. Besides, it has antioxidant effects and improves sexual performance.

UroBolin – an ingredient derived from a highly standardized extract of Shilajit, a prehistoric plant that has undergone processes of decomposition and synthesis. It is one of the metabolites of ellagic acid. It exhibits properties that protect and regenerate muscles during intense exercise and reduce the effects of a high-fat diet. It influences the increase of protein synthesis, which results in the growth of muscle fibres, and also inhibits protein catabolism. The substance positively affects the immune system, bones and joints, as well as sugar and fat metabolism.

Olympus Labs AlphaBulk is a revolutionary protein synthesis booster with the above ingredients. It should help you build muscle mass, recover from intense training and screw up your endurance. It promotes muscle tissue growth, accelerated metabolism, energy production and more optimal delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles. As a result, your performance can improve, your workouts more effective, and your figure more beautiful.


Taking one serving with a glass of water 30-45 minutes before training is recommended. On a non-training day, take one serving before breakfast (empty stomach). Do not exceed the recommended dose!