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Post Cycle Therapy, a term that has been thrown around in the industry for years, with countless products claiming to deliver support, but time after time, failing to provide any perceived benefit. We set out to break this trend and proudly say that post-cycle therapy support has just been taken to the next level! – Introducing K1NGS PCT.

As everyone would expect from Olympus Labs and in line with other excellent recent releases, K1NGS PCT demonstrates our commitment to innovation designed from scratch, through continuous up-to-date research, to be the most comprehensive and effective, multifaceted post-cycle cycle support supplement ever created, leaving everything else currently available looking amateur hour.

When we say K1NGS PCT is different from anything else in its category, we genuinely mean it. Most products currently available on the market use the same underdosed and ineffective ingredients or only target a limited aspect of the significant challenges faced when ceasing exogenous androgen use. The truth is, the post cycle period is a highly stressful time for the body, and it needs to be targeted from multiple angles to deliver meaningful and measurable assistance truly.

It is fair to say that ‘post cycle therapy is not an area generally studied by the research community. The processes used to this day are a continued accumulation of extrapolations from clinical research in differing regions by some of the brightest minds in the industry over time. We have poured over countless research to bring to market a product which we believe targets wide-ranging, critical pathways using clinically validated ingredients.

K1NGS PCT has been designed to deliver potent multiple-mechanism of action support in restoring the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular-axis (HPTA), following exogenous hormone use, targeting both the commonly used pathway of hypothalamic ‘estrogen receptor antagonism,’ but also brings to market a novel and highly promising hypothalamic ‘androgen receptor antagonist’ pathway to truly drive the negative feedback loop into overdrive and deliver increased Steroidogenesis.

While restoring HPTA function is of critical importance, we did say K1NGS PCT is multifaceted, and we genuinely mean it. The formula also features ingredients that promote increased muscle protein synthesis, provide potent anti-catabolic support, support healthy immune system function, increased libido, and deliver powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant firepower.

In true Olympus Labs style, the formula features several exciting, novel ingredients, including a custom Cistanche Tubulosa extract for Echinacoside and Polysaccharides, delivering full HPTA support, growth hormone enhancement, appetite stimulation, and immune system support. As well as a specialized Eucheuma cottonii extract, included for its ability to act as a ‘selective estrogen receptor modulator’ and simultaneously reduce estrogen production.

Additionally, a novel compound that Olympus Labs can proudly claim as being first to market with, α-Ionone, a unique orally active cAMP booster, delivering full support for skeletal muscle anabolism and the endocrine system function.
The formula also contains several other exceptional ingredients, including a potent patented Spilanthes Acmella extract SA3X™, which has been shown to enhance HPTA function significantly and increase libido, as well as a high-quality Korean Mistletoe Extract, which supports exercise performance, while also delivering both enhanced muscle protein anabolism while simultaneously suppressing muscle protein breakdown.

The formula is rounded out with a unique, long-acting derivate of ascorbic acid known as magnesium ascorbic acid 2-phosphate. It possesses unique characteristics and has been shown to build up in tissues and match both IGF-1 and insulin in its ability to promote muscle cell hypertrophy.
Olympus Labs is committed to producing the highest quality supplements in the industry, and K1NGS PCT sets a new standard in a category with a long history of overpromising and underdelivering. It is the select option for elite athletes. For the ultimate practical and smooth post-cycle period, you need K1NGS PCT!

Key Benefits of K1NGS PCT:
• Novel HPTA Support*
• Potent LH + FSH Booster*
• Stimulate Steroidogenesis*
• Supports Leydig Cell Function*
• Supports Healthy Libido*
• Potent Anti-Catabolic Support*
• Increase Muscle Protein Synthesis*
• Supports Healthy Growth Hormone Levels*
• Appetite Stimulation*
• Novel Cyclic-Adenosine Monophosphate Booster*
• Boosts Anabolic Signalling*
• Supports Lean Muscle Growth*
• Novel Long-Acting Anti-oxidant Support*
• Assists with Exercise Performance and Recovery*
• Anti-inflammatory Support*