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At first glance, pandas may seem like cute creatures, but their build makes them powerful animals. The panda’s primal, animalistic strength inspired the company Panda Supplements. It recently launched Rampage pre-workout, allowing you to unleash your inner animal and achieve better sports results!

Here are the supplement’s key ingredients:

– Citrulline malate – citrulline should be reached for by all people who care about more muscular muscle pumps and increased muscle endurance.

– Beta-alanine – in terms of increasing endurance and performance, beta-alanine will also be an invaluable support. Numerous studies have confirmed it can significantly promote better results during more extended training units.
– Betaine anhydrous – the benefits of betaine mainly relate to its positive effects on the functioning of the circulatory system. Betaine improves the transport of nutrients through the bloodstream and, at the same time, reduces homocysteine levels.

– L-tyrosine – tyrosine participates in synthesizing key neurotransmitters, and its deficiency can lead to apathy and lack of energy.

– Alpha-GPC – choline alphoscerate, or Alpha-GPC, is the best-absorbed form of this compound. As a result, it can most effectively support so-called cognitive functions, such as memory and concentration.

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– Augments sulfate is an essential compound for properly synthesizing nitric oxide. Therefore, its level can be directly correlated with the intensity of the muscle pump felt.

– Anhydrous caffeine – all people with a high tolerance to the effects of regular caffeine can reach for anhydrous caffeine. Its anhydrous form provides a more prolonged, intense stimulation effect.

– Theobromine – theobromine has a mildly stimulating effect and, at the same time, can influence the dilation of blood vessels, further increasing the muscle pump’s power.

– Choline bicinate – this compound will perfectly complement the action of Alpha-GPC. The synergy of these two choline forms can rapidly increase acetylcholine levels in the nervous system.

– Sodium chloride (pink Himalayan salt) – sodium, as one of the electrolytes, is crucial for athletes; therefore, deficiency should be avoided. In addition, pink Himalayan salt contains minerals that are valuable for health.

– Eria Jarensis extract – the Eria Jarensis plant contains an interesting active compound known as N-Phenethyldimethylamine. It exhibits strong stimulating effects on the nervous and cardiovascular systems. As a result, it can guarantee an extra boost of energy.

– Dendrobium extract – compounds with similar properties are also found in Dendrobium plants. So here, too, is a very beneficial synergy between the two plant extracts.

– L-theanine – L-theanine facilitates relaxation and improves sleep quality to support recovery after training.

– Advantra Z™ – the patented Advantra Z™ formulation contains a particular type of bitter orange extract that can also boost energy levels and improve training results in addition to its thermogenic properties.

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– Caffeine citrate – Caffeine citrate is absorbed by far the fastest of all forms of this compound. However, this also causes the body to begin drinking other caffeine faster.

– Kanna extract – the compounds in the Kanna plant can, on the one hand, add energy and, on the other, reduce the nervous system’s sensitivity to stress and other adverse factors.

– Mucuna Pruriens extract – such an extract is an excellent source of L-dopa, a compound that can improve mood and better brain function.

– Caffeine malate – a more prolonged effect than citrate characterizes caffeine malate, so their combination benefits the stimulant effect.

– AstraGin™ – the well-known formulation AstraGin™ increases the effectiveness of supplementation by increasing the level of assimilation of individual active compounds.

– Huperzia Serrata extract from this plant contains large amounts of huperzine A. This nootropic compound can support cognitive abilities (such as maintaining attention and concentration).


Depending on individual needs, the manufacturer suggests using one scoop (about 8.9 g) or two product scoops (17.8 g) 20-30 minutes before training.

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