Performax Labs HyperMax 3D 460g


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During intensive workouts, you will undoubtedly need strength and endurance. When you’re working out mentally, your concentration and ability to focus will be even more valuable. But have you ever wondered what benefits a combination of all those assets would bring you?

Performax Labs asked itself this question, and the answer turned out to be the new pre-workout HyperMax 3D. This unique product will provide your body with support on several critical levels. So what is included in the composition of HyperMax 3D? Here are the essential active ingredients:

– 3D Pump Breakthrough™ – the first and most exciting ingredient is the unique patented 3D Pump Breakthrough™ blend. It includes, among others: L-Citrulline, Glycerol and Amla (Indian Gooseberry). This combination will give your muscles an extra kick and pump before each training session!

– Beta-alanine – if we’re talking about muscle support, it would be impossible to ignore beta-alanine. This amino acid has become known as one of the absolute best supplements for athletes. Beta-alanine will improve the endurance of your muscles, and it will also increase the overall performance of your body.

-L-citrulline – Although this compound is included in the above-described blend, an extra dose of citrulline is always helpful. Thanks to it, your muscles will be more effectively supplied with oxygen, as citrulline improves the work of the cardiovascular system.

– Betaine anhydrous – Betaine supplementation can provide several essential benefits. However, the most important information for athletes will be the fact that betaine participates in creatine synthesis. Therefore, betaine supplementation will increase the body’s ability to produce this compound. What is essential, the anhydrous form of betaine has a significantly higher assimilability.

– S7™ – The unique S7™ blend was created by combining carefully selected plant extracts. As you know, such extracts are full of antioxidants and other beneficial substances. However, S7 ™ is not only a dietary blend. Research has shown that the compounds contained in this blend can increase nitric oxide synthesis by up to 200%! This will give your muscle pumps a whole new intensity.

– L-tyrosine – during intensive exercise, your body releases hormones such as dopamine and adrenaline. Interestingly, they are produced by tyrosine, among other things. Therefore, additional supplementation of this amino acid may ensure a more effective synthesis of these hormones.

– ThinFen™ (PEA) – ThinFen™ is a patented formula containing PEA, a compound referred to as 2-phenylethylamine. PEA occurs naturally in the nervous system and its additional supplementation may increase the synthesis of certain hormones and, at the same time, enhance fat burning.

– Caffeine anhydrous – a dose of caffeine is a known remedy for fatigue and lack of energy. However, the anhydrous form of this compound will provide you with an even better and more noticeable stimulating effect. Then you won’t have to worry about a lack of motivation to train!

NeuroPEA™ – The described 2-phenylethylamine (PEA) is also found in a plant known as Eria Jarensis. NeuroPEA™ is a patented preparation created based on an extract from this plant. It will provide further support for the nervous system.

– Cocoabuterol™ – cocoa beans contain theobromine and several other beneficial alkaloids. To fully exploit their potential, a patented Cocoabuterol™ preparation has been created. It contains as much as 50% of isolated alkaloids, thanks to which it works more effectively than all other preparations available on the market.

– Bitter orange extract – extracts derived from bitter oranges have long since entered the world of supplements. Everything is due to their positive influence on the process of burning fat tissue. It would be impossible not to find such an extract in the HyperMax 3D pre-trainer.

– Standardized extract from Rauwolfia Vomitoria – the Rauwolfia Vomitoria plant is sometimes called the devil’s poisonous pepper. This probably doesn’t sound very appealing, but it’s still worth paying attention to. Research has shown that there is an exciting compound in this plant. It has been referred to as rauwolscine, and researchers have discovered that it has solid stimulating properties. This extract contains as much as 90% of it! Thanks to this, the extract will provide an efficient and powerful stimulating effect.


Mix 1-2 scoops of the product (11.5-23 g) with water and drink 20-30 minutes before training.