Performax MassMax 120caps


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Anabolic Ecdysteroid Complex for Peak Athletic Performance

Elevate your game with our Anabolic Ecdysteroid Complex, expertly formulated for those looking to naturally enhance their muscular strength and recovery. Packed in 4-capsule servings, this complex is rich in Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract, known for its anabolic properties, and Sodium Caprate to aid absorption.

Who’s it for: Ideal for strength and resistance trainers seeking a natural edge, competitive athletes, and fitness enthusiasts aiming for lean muscle gains and improved performance.

When to use: For best results, consume one serving of 4 capsules daily. To fully maximize absorption and efficacy, it’s recommended to take it with meals.


With a serving size of four capsules, this bottle provides a 30-day supply, ensuring your month is charged with potent, muscle-building support. With additional compounds like (-)-Epicatechin to support nitric oxide production and Atractylodes Lancea Rhizome for its potential growth hormone secretion benefits, this supplement is designed to support your most rigorous training demands.

Take your training beyond the ordinary and push towards the extraordinary with every dose!