Project X Turkesterone 60caps 500mg


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A natural alternative to steroids? Such a slogan may sound ridiculous, but that’s precisely what turkesterone is described as, a compound that has been conquering the sports supplement market in recent years. Today it can be found, among other things, in capsules from the well-known company Project X. So what is worth knowing about it?

Turkesterone is a compound that occurs naturally in many plants. However, it is worth noting that manufacturers of dietary supplements usually obtain it as an extract from Ajuga turkestanica. This is a plant found in the Central Asian region. Researchers believe that it contains numerous stones that stimulate its growth. Of these compounds, turkesterone has the most significant potential.

Stimulating plant growth is a rather interesting property. It is one that provoked researchers to see if turkesterone could have a similar effect on humans. The results of some studies have proved to be extremely interesting. Specific tests showed that turkesterone could increase the body’s anabolism and its ability to build muscle mass. But, of course, the best results were obtained by combining such supplementation with sufficiently intense training.

Thus, Project X Turkesterone capsules can help you build muscle mass. However, that’s not all. After all, other studies have shown that turkesterone can also have other beneficial effects. Here it is worth mentioning, among other things, the accelerated recovery of muscle fibres. This is an essential aspect for those doing very high-intensity workouts. In addition, better recovery combined with increased strength levels will further promote fat burning. This will make your bodybuilding process more effective on many different levels.

A lot of attention has also been paid to the effect of the described compound on testosterone synthesis. Some studies directly state that turkesterone can increase the level of this hormone. This, in turn, provides twofold benefits. On the one hand, there will be an additional increase in anabolism, and on the other, an improvement in libido.

All this makes Project X Turkesterone capsules can indeed be considered a natural alternative to steroids!


For best results, Project X Turkesterone capsules should be taken in 8-12 weeks cycles. After this time, you need to wean off the product for a minimum of 4 weeks. Notably, the natural nature of the capsules means that you don’t need to use PCT after supplementation.