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The use of advanced supplementation requires adherence to specific rules. This is mainly because athletes’ most common goal is to increase their bodies’ natural anabolic capacity. This, however, may entail specific side effects. Therefore, the priority is to follow specific supplementation rules and use shielding agents.

For example, Cycle Protect capsules from Pure can be such a measure. As the name suggests, they were created for athletes who take advanced supplementation in the form of cycles. Cycle Protect capsules are then intended to serve a protective function. The ingredients contained in them can support the functioning of the body during the period of such supplementation. In addition, they can reduce the intensity of side effects that will occur during the cycle. For this reason, Cycle Protect capsules will be comprehensive support during supplementation.

A selected set of ingredients is responsible for their beneficial effects. In it, you can find, first of all, compounds such as:

– Milk thistle extract – various herbal extracts have been known for their health-promoting properties for hundreds of years. One such herb is spotted thistle, which exhibits very beneficial effects on the liver. As is well known, the liver is responsible for breaking down many different substances hitting the body. For this reason, in many supplementation plans, it is worth considering the use of thistle. Its action can effectively shield the liver and support its function.

– N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) – the described compound has been extensively used in supplementation. First, this is due to its broad health-promoting properties. This is because NAC can affect lipid metabolism and regulate the circulatory system. However, the presence of NAC in Cycle Protect capsules has a different rationale. This is because N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine supports liver function and protects it from damage caused by the breakdown of ingested substances. For this reason, NAC fits perfectly into the needs of those taking advanced supplementation.

– Hawthorn fruit extract – another ingredient of herbal origin is an extract extracted from hawthorn. Studies have found that such an extract can reduce inflammation in the liver and promote liver regeneration. In addition, the use of hawthorn extracts can benefit the level of so-called bad cholesterol.

– Sabal palm extract – the properties of sabal palm were first discovered by Native Americans. They began to use preparations from this plant as a remedy for strengthening the body. Modern medicine has confirmed that extracts extracted from sabal palms can have beneficial effects. In addition to strengthening the body, it is often said that there is a positive correlation between the use of sabal palms and a lower impact of DHT on the body. This is very important because DHT is associated with many of the adverse effects of testosterone (such as baldness). As a result, sabal palm is popularly used not only by women but also by men.

– Celery seed extract – celery seeds are not a well-known supplement. However, several health-promoting compounds can be found in these inconspicuous seeds. Studies have shown that they can support the digestive system. All because they regulate the production of gastric juice and certain digestive enzymes. Their beneficial effect on processes related to removing toxins from the body is also not insignificant.

– Grape seed extract – grape seeds are an excellent source of compounds with antioxidant activity. They can effectively help remove free radicals from the body. In addition, they promote the course of various processes related to regeneration.


The daily dose recommended by the manufacturer is three capsules. It should be divided into three doses taken throughout the day. Each Cycle Protect capsule should be consumed immediately after a meal. This is because it will have a beneficial effect on their action.