Pure Labs Saw Palmetto 3,000mg 90 Capsules


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Discover the potential of PURE Saw Palmetto, a dietary supplement that may support overall well-being with its natural properties. Made with care from the Saw Palmetto plant’s berries, it is designed for those looking to integrate the power of nature into their wellness routine.

Possible Benefits:

May support general well-being

Saw Palmetto berries are traditionally recognized for their use in herbal wellness

Nutritional Information: Each capsule may provide a substantial 3,000mg of Saw Palmetto Extract in a 20:1 concentration, aiming to capture the natural potency of the herb. Our straightforward formula combines Saw Palmetto with rice flour as a filler and a gelatin casing for convenience.

Suggested Use:

 One capsule should be taken daily. This recommended amount is based on general usage guidelines and may contribute to the intake of the beneficial components found in Saw Palmetto.