Skull Labs Angel Dust Pump DMHA 385g


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For many people, the intense sensation of a muscle pump is a sign that their training is going well. However, there is a scientific reason for this. A more robust muscle pump indicates that the blood vessels have dilated, allowing them to transport blood more efficiently. This, in turn, is the body’s response to the high training intensity. This is why athletes seek proven methods to increase the muscle pump.

Among other things, the right supplements can help, with Angel Dust Pump from Skull Labs being a perfect example. It is a high-end pre-workout nutrient which contains very high doses of stimulating substances. As a result, using it just before a planned workout can provide a twofold effect. On the one hand, the Angel Dust Pump can increase the intensity of the muscle pump, and on the other, it can reduce the symptoms of fatigue.

The composition of this pre-workout is based on the following active ingredients:

– Citrulline malate is the primary ingredient in almost every pre-workout supplement. Citrulline increases muscle endurance and allows you to perform more extended training units. Additionally, it can intensify muscle pumps.

– Beta-alanine – very often, beta-alanine is used synergistically with citrulline. There is a good reason for this: beta-alanine is an excellent compound for increasing muscle endurance and performance. It is, therefore, a valuable support for many athletes.

– Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate – Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate is much more effective than other forms of this compound. Therefore, if someone is looking for an intense muscle pump, this form of arginine will be a good choice.

augments this compound directly affects nitric oxide synthesis, which can enhance the muscle pump. Importantly, Angel Dust Pump contains an exceptionally high amount of augments. In turn, this further increases the effectiveness of the supplementation.

Creatine nitrate—This form of creatine is relatively rare, but the manufacturer did not rely on it for no reason. Creatine nitrate can provide all the benefits of supplementation while increasing nitric oxide levels.

– Taurine – the beneficial effects of taurine are partly because this compound supports brain and cardiovascular function.

Choline bicarboxylate—Choline bicarboxylate also has a similar effect, supporting cognitive function and contributing to more efficient cardiovascular function.

Beta-phenylethylamine (BPEA) is a compound that stimulates the nervous system. Regular supplementation can improve overall well-being and the ability to maintain concentration, which will probably translate into training performance.

– Anhydrous caffeine – the most famous stimulant in the world, needs no introduction. It is worth mentioning, however, that the anhydrous form of caffeine acts much longer and more intensively than its basic form.

– Eria Jarensis extract – the plant known as Eria Jarensis contains numerous stimulating compounds. As a result, it can effectively reduce perceived symptoms of fatigue.

– DMHA – this substance was intended to replace the DMAA above. DMHA also has a stimulating effect, although it works slightly weaker than its prototype. Nevertheless, their synergy can provide an even more substantial stimulating effect.

– Hygenamine HCL – hygenamine can accelerate the heart and thus stimulate the entire cardiovascular system.

– Hordenine – this natural alkaloid may support cognitive function, increase readiness for action and improve overall mood.

– N-methyl-L-tyramine HCI – another compound with stimulating properties that may further support fat-burning processes.

– GABA – gamma-aminobutyric acid is most commonly supplemented to support recovery. However, it is worth knowing that this compound can also benefit muscle mass development

.– Aphrodyne and Aphrodyne – the broad properties of Aphrodyne have been the source of its great popularity. Among other things, this active substance has a stimulating effect. In addition, it can also have a beneficial effect on fat reduction and perceived libido.


The manufacturer recommends taking one scoop of the product (approximately 17.5 g) about 30 minutes before training.