SNS Sabroxy XT 90 caps


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SNS is engaged in the production of supplements with unique characteristics. This is because the composition of their products is often based on only one active substance. Moreover, the said substance is sometimes a patented compound with unique effects. Such is the case with SNS Sabroxy NT™ formulation.

As the name suggests, the main ingredient of this supplement is a patented preparation called Sabroxy™. It was created based on a unique extract from the bark of a plant with the Latin name Oxorylum Indicum. Moreover, it is a standard extract containing at least 10% oroxylin A. In this case, its action is crucial to the benefits of using the described supplement.

Let’s start with the fact that oroxylin A is not only found in the bark of Oxorylum Indicum. It is a plant flavonoid and can also be found in other plant species. A perfect example of this is the very popular Baikal Thyroid. She, too, contains quite large amounts of this compound.

Oroxylin A has very interesting effects on the body. First, it has neuroprotective properties, meaning it protects brain cells from damage. In addition, oroxylin A supports the maintenance of good mood and well-being. This effect may be due to its impact on certain hormones. For example, some scientific studies suggest that oroxylin may positively affect dopamine synthesis. Therefore, it is not excluded that prolonged supplementation in the body begins to increase the level of this hormone.

In addition, oroxylin may additionally relieve inflammation. All this makes it a compound beneficial for the brain and the entire nervous system. Its effect on dopamine synthesis can also produce several positive results, such as increased motivation and energy for action, better focus, increased clarity of thinking and improved cognitive abilities.


The recommended single dose of the product is one capsule. However, such a dose can be taken 1-3 times daily, depending on your needs. It is only worth remembering to drink plenty of water with each capsule.