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Recent years have led to significant changes in the dietary supplement market. These were mainly due to the dynamic development of such a market, and numerous new preparations have appeared on it. Interestingly, numerous novelties among supplements are compounds of natural origin, which researchers have isolated from specific plants. Among such substances is Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia). It is undoubtedly a plant with many names. It is sometimes referred to as longjack or simply Malaysian ginseng.

However, the question of vocabulary in the case of supplements goes down the drain since, for all athletes, it is the properties of a specific preparation that are of much greater importance. When it comes to Tongkat Ali, however, these are exceptionally interesting. So what is worth mentioning about this plant?

Let’s start with the fact that the indigenous people of the territories of today’s Malaysia used this plant for a particular purpose. Namely, longjack was, for them, a reliable remedy for sexual problems. Traditionally, it has been used as a preparation to enhance sexual performance and increase libido. Importantly, scientists now know the mechanism behind such an effect. According to researchers, Tongkat Ali contains compounds that affect, among other things, the processes involved in the production of sperm in men. Thus, extracts from this plant can improve the quality of semen and, at the same time, have a beneficial effect on perceived libido.

According to other studies, Tongkat Ali can also increase testosterone levels. Such an effect will be particularly noticeable when the person using this plant extract has relatively low testosterone levels. Thus, Malaysian ginseng may be an excellent natural way to increase the level of this hormone. It is also certainly a safer alternative compared to many synthetic compounds.

Greater libido and higher testosterone may also indirectly contribute to improved strength performance. These were the conclusions reached by researchers who once studied the correlation between using Tongkat Ali extract and athletic performance. Thus, this is another important asset of the described compound.

All this means that the Tongkat Ali extract has a high action potential. However, DNA Sports has added another vital ingredient to these capsules to make them even more impressive. This is the patented Bioperine™ formulation, which contains natural piperine. As an active ingredient, piperine can improve the absorption of numerous nutrients. Therefore, it can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of supplementation.


The recommended daily dose is just one capsule of Tongkat Ali. It should be taken with a meal and sipped with plenty of water to facilitate dissolution.