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TWP Nutrition strives to adapt its range of dietary supplements to the needs of different athletes. This is perfectly illustrated, for example, in the case of pre-workout supplements. For many athletes, the perceived stimulation effect is essential to using such supplements. Others, on the other hand, have quite different preferences, which will be undesirable in their case. That’s why TWP Nutrition has introduced two additional pre-workout supplements.

Vari 2 Pre-Workout is aimed precisely at those who want to get all the benefits of nutrients but without the simultaneous stim effect. Thus, it is a stim-free product, meaning no stimulant compounds exist in its composition. Thanks to this, Vari 2 will provide the benefits of better body preparation for training without additional stimulation.

Achieving such an effect was made possible by combining four different blends containing matched doses of active ingredients. Here is their list:

1. Vaso Complex:

– L-Citrulline – to increase the effectiveness of citrulline, TWP Nutrition strongly increased its dose. As a result, Vari 2 nutrient is as much as 7000 mg in one suggested serving! Such a high citrulline content will ensure even better results in increasing the intensity of the muscle pump felt.

– Glycersize™ (contains 65% pure glycerol) – the patented Glycersize™ supplement can further increase the intensity of muscle pumps thanks to the glycerol it contains. What’s more, glycerol also has a beneficial effect on hydration levels.

– Beet extract (with 50% betaine nitrate) – beets are an excellent source of nitrates and betaine. As for nitrates, they increase the synthesis of nitric oxide, which in turn affects a more robust muscle pump.

2 – Neuroforce:

– L-tyrosine – the versatile properties of tyrosine make it an excellent supplement for athletes. On the one hand, tyrosine supports the work of the nervous system and helps overcome perceived fatigue. On the other hand, it positively affects muscle function and physical conditioning.

– Choline bicinate – daily supplementation of choline bicinate is a way to increase acetylcholine levels in the body. This, in turn, can provide benefits in improved mental abilities.

3 Alphapure:

– Alpha-GPC – a unique feature of the compound known as Alpha-GPC is that it may also improve strength performance and support nervous system function. This was the hypothesis put forward by researchers who conducted studies involving this compound.

4 Vascular Support:

– Diosmin – Diosmin is one of the most widely used substances for supporting the work of the circulatory system. This compound improves lymph flow and thus improves blood circulation throughout the body.

– Citrus extract (contains 60% bioflavonoids and 50 mg of hesperidin) – bioflavonoids are compounds with vigorous antioxidant activity. In addition, hesperidin can be found in the citrus extract, which exhibits properties similar to diosmin, described above.

5 Osmolyte Optimiser:

– Betaine anhydrous – betaine is another compound with beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. Its unique feature is its ability to reduce cysteine levels.

– L-taurine – as an amino acid, taurine supports proper heart function and thus has a direct effect on the entire cardiovascular system. In this regard, its ability to stabilize blood pressure is also essential. It is also worth noting that, through taurine supplementation, some people can slightly reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

– Potassium chloride – potassium belongs to the electrolyte group, essential compounds for any athlete. Its action includes maintaining a good pH level in the body. In addition, potassium is crucial for heart function, as it transmits nerve impulses.

– Pink salt – excess salt in the diet is harmful, but it should not be forgotten that sodium itself is also one of the electrolytes. Therefore, athletes must take care to maintain adequate levels of this compound. TWP Nutrition has thus ensured that the Vari 2 supplement contains an admixture of pink salt. It is a good source of sodium and also contains other minerals in it.


The lack of stimulants makes the recommended dosage of Vari 2 quite large, as it is 29 grams, or precisely one scoop. Such an amount of the nutrient should be mixed with water and drunk about 30 minutes before training.