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Nowadays, people can no longer rely on muscle strength alone. After all, the real advantage in carrying out various projects comes from combining physical and mental strength. Regarding cognitive performance, today’s essential value is productivity, i.e. the ability to complete individual tasks comprehensively and efficiently. Unfortunately, fatigue and the resulting lack of energy can negatively affect productivity.

That’s why Vices and Vibes have created a special Speed supplement. It is designed for people who want to increase their productivity in sports and beyond. This formula provides benefits on several critical levels. On the one hand, it is supposed to add energy and reduce symptoms of fatigue. On the other hand, the numerous active ingredients contained in Speed show strong nootropic effects. Thus, they will support both cognitive functions and the ability to maintain concentration.

Here are the essential ingredients in the Speed supplement from Vices and Vibes:

– Dimethylethanolamine (DMAE) – DMAE is an organic chemical compound precursor to acetylcholine synthesis in human bodies. As a result, it works well as a supplement to support nervous system function. For example, DMAE can improve memory and increase motivation for action.

– Beta-phenylethylamine (BPEA) – the substance now known as BPEA, has a slightly different effect. Its most important feature is its ability to increase serotonin levels in the nervous system. This allows BPEA to improve mood and reduce symptoms of mild apathy.

– Rhodiola rosea extract – the popularity of Rhodiola rosea as a supplement has been growing for several years now. Such a jump in popularity is due to a growing number of studies that confirm its health-promoting effects. This is because the active compounds contained in Rhodiola have adaptogenic properties. They help the body fight stress and the adverse effects of external factors.

– N, N-Dimethylphenethylamine (N, N-DMPEA) Citrate – this compound significantly affects the nervous system. For example, N, N-DMPEA can improve concentration and the ability to focus attention. In addition, an essential property of this compound is its stimulating effect, which manifests as increased energy levels and reduces perceived fatigue.

– Caffeine anhydrous – caffeine seems like a self-evident solution when it comes to stimulation. After all, it is the most popular stimulant in the world. However, it is worth mentioning that anhydrous caffeine works more effectively and intensively than regular caffeine contained in, for example, coffee or tea.

– Caffeine malate – Caffeine malate has one main advantage in the form of an extremely high level of bioavailability. This allows the body to make more efficient use of caffeine.

– Walnut extract – the active compounds in walnuts have a stimulating effect. The effects of such supplementation can resemble the benefits of using

– Lotus extract – lotus hides a wealth of antioxidant compounds and substances with neuroprotective effects.

– Noopept – noopept is a synthetic substance that can significantly improve cognitive abilities. Its potency is best seen in terms of the assimilation of new information.

– Vinpocetine – this compound is used in modern medicine as a drug that improves blood circulation in the brain. As is well known, proper blood circulation significantly impacts the work of the nervous system. Therefore, vinpocetine is also used by people who want to increase their cognitive abilities.

– Huperzia Serrata extract (contains huperzine A) – huperzine A is an active substance in a plant known as Huperzia Serrata. Although huperzine is mainly known as a nootropic compound, it can further support the body’s exercise capacity. Therefore, its supplementation will be particularly beneficial for athletes.

– Black pepper extract – piperine, the active ingredient found in black pepper, increases the other compounds’ assimilation level. Therefore, it is often included in the composition of dietary supplements, as it can support the effectiveness of their action.

– Aphrodyne – one of the properties of Aphrodyne is its stimulant effect, and the mechanism of this action is to increase adrenaline levels. This, in turn, translates into stimulation of the body.


The recommended daily dose of Speed is 3 to 6 capsules. However, it is advisable to start supplementation with a smaller amount and increase it later if necessary.