Xtremis Cartel El Jefe™ Pre Workout


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The first version of the El Jefe pre-workout from Xtremis Cartel appealed to many people. That’s why the manufacturer has enriched its composition and released a second version of the popular conditioner. With an upgraded formula and up to 5 patented active ingredients, the second version of El Jefe can provide even more significant benefits!

Here is the entire composition of this supplement:

1. Jefe Pump & Performance Matrix:

– L-Citrulline – Citrulline is a very effective compound for a more robust muscle pump and improved endurance. That’s why it is often used by amateurs in many different sports.

– Beta-alanine – beta-alanine is already a compound aimed mainly at supporting performance and endurance. In this regard, a lot of research has been done, and all have confirmed the high effectiveness of beta-alanine in improving both described parameters.

– Betaine anhydrous – betaine reduces homocysteine levels and, at the same time, improves the transport of nutrients. For this reason, it is considered a compound that significantly supports the work of the circulatory system.

Pink Himalayan salt – pink salt not only provides the body with sodium but is also a source of other valuable minerals.

– L-norvaline – norvaline supplementation can lead to an increase in the intensity of the muscle pump. This is because norvaline inhibits the enzyme’s activity that breaks down arginine. This leaves more arginine in the body, producing a more robust pump.

– AmentoPump™ – The patented ingredient AmentoPump™ contains a unique extract from the Selaginella tamariscina plant, which can increase the intensity of the muscle pump and increase overall muscle strength.

2. Jefe Stim & Focus Matrix:

– Choline Dianionate – choline supplements can lead to increased levels of acetylcholine in the nervous system. In turn, increased levels of this neurotransmitter can lead to improved cognitive abilities.

– DL-DMAE – DMAE has a very positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system. This compound can support brain function and improve mood at the same time.

– EriaPuro™ – the second patented ingredient is Eria Puro™, which contains a highly pure extract extracted from Eria Jarensis. Such an extract is a sensational source of compounds with stimulating effects.

– Theobromine – theobromine also has a mild stimulant effect, but its ability to dilate blood vessels is also noteworthy, which can support athletic performance.

– Caffeine anhydrous – the anhydrous form of caffeine can be an ideal solution to low energy levels. This compound features a much stronger and longer-lasting effect than regular caffeine

– ThinFen™ – the third patented formulation, ThinFen™, contains a compound known as B-Phenethylamine. He, in turn, exhibits a stimulating effect while supporting the nervous system.

– Halostachin – in terms of chemical properties, halostachin is quite similar to the popular Bitter Orange Extract. Halostachine can also add energy and increase readiness for action

– Caffeine citrate is a unique compound with very high and fast absorption. For this reason, it provides the fastest perceptible stimulant effect.

– Infienergy™ – the patented Infienergy™ formulation guarantees a solid caffeine boost with an extended-release time. This will help you get a longer boost and avoid the effect of a sudden drop in energy.

– Citrus aurantium HCL – Besides its stimulating effect, Citrus aurantium has thermogenic properties. For this reason, it will be an excellent choice for those who care about burning body fat.

– Aphrodyne HCL – Aphrodyne is an active compound with many uses. Quite a few people pay attention mainly to the stimulating qualities of Aphrodyne. However, in addition to this, Aphrodyne can dilate blood vessels, which will provide

benefits such as increased libido and a more robust muscle pump. In addition, Aphrodyne speeds up metabolism and thus improves fat burning.

– Aphrodyne – Aphrodyne is the best-absorbed form of Aphrodyne. Therefore, combining it with Aphrodyne HCL can maximise the benefits of supplementation.

3 Absorption Matrix:

BioPerine™ – The last of the patented ingredients is the famous BioPerine™ formulation containing a high dose of pure piperine. Its action can increase the absorption of other active compounds and thus improve the effectiveness of supplementation.


Depending on personal needs, the manufacturer recommends using 1 (about 11.3 g) or two scoops (approximately 22.7 g) of the formula. At the beginning of supplementation, always use the smaller dose. Mix the supplement with water and drink 20-30 minutes before training.